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Split 1
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Mar 23, 2012
Jul 3, 2005
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June 22

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Split 1

New Member, from Adelaide

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Mar 23, 2012
    1. jsdemeur
      Hey Dave Im tying to work out what month my bus was built as I need a month specific part. I want to get a new steering box peg and the early 66 peg is different to the late 66 ...my bus 1966 but no idea which end of the year it was built...my vin is 236146073 any ideas ???cheers JS jsdemeur@hotmail.com
      1. melissa
        Sorry but Dave has not been here for a few years.
        Jan 1, 2015
    2. jakeyboy
    3. jakeyboy
      Hello, I understand you can tell the year of my camper by the chassis number. Have you an email I can get you on please?
      Thanks, Jake
      1. melissa
        Dave has not been on this forum since March 2012.
        Oct 19, 2014
      2. Mellow Yellow 74
        Mellow Yellow 74
        Oct 31, 2014
    4. Love and Peace
      Love and Peace
      Hi Dave I found some old posts from you about Neviile the 1995 split from Adelaide. I bought Neville off ROb a few years ago and love him so much. I also bought Wanda (1962) and Frank (77 Bay) from him. I never intend on selling Neville and he will passed on in my will. You talked about him working on the mines and have more pictures. I would really love to know more. I would really love to connect with the guy who restored him. Are you able to help? maybe best to call on 0417928779 or adriansvlok@gmail.com

      BTW I am selling Wanda she is on Carsales ATM.

      Cheers Adrian
    5. waldo
      2012 Volkswagen Bilbo Campervan has now been sold, thanks.
      Cheers Waldo
    6. Kchappy
      Hi Split 1.
      My name is Krystal. I am getting married on the 9th November next year in 2013. I was wondering if you knew anyone in Adelaide who would be interested in hiring out their vw for a wedding?? My E-mail is kchappy123@hotmail.com :)
    7. relivin it
      relivin it
      I have just been reading your thred on IRS, very consise I need some sort of solid fact's as u have fitted creative IRS to my 67 split, but it is almost time to get it over the pits here in Perth, what I'm after is too know is what tyres could I use to keep with in there diameter, just for the pits as I shall be putting on 5.5 empi gt5 after inspection.
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