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3 way Gas 'Finch' brand fridge.

Discussion in 'NSW' started by chewtah, Apr 19, 2015.

  1. chewtah

    chewtah Guest

    I went to a garage sale recently and bought a 35lt finch 3 way fridge, brown square thing, $15.
    After some teething problems (blocked jet, leaking connection inside the case) I got it running and would call it the best thing Iv bought (that I still have). Iv since made a new flame head for it too.
    Its been down to -10.7c degrees and can be TOO cold for beer if you crank it up fully.
    So far its been running on the one 9kg gas bottle for 6 weeks, and there is still a fair bit in the bottle. I bought the bottle new but the refill will be $25 or so which seems cheap. And the thing is silent, I actually prefer it to my Engel 12v/240.
    Grab one!

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  2. oldman

    oldman Super Moderator Staff Member

    Avalon Beach NSW
    Been running our stock three-way in the kombi since I bought it…..wouldn't think of replacing it, it's just too damn efficient & cheap to run !
    Good thing about the old-er stuff….you can diagnose & repair/fix just about any problem if you're prepared to have a go.
    Sounds like you're on a winner !!
  3. Weekender

    Weekender Well-Known Member

    Pomona Q
    Getting a minus out of a 35 l Finch is pretty good! I had the earlier version in my 69 camper. If you install it in your kombi you will need a proper gas certification. Its 12v is a very heavy usage.
  4. chewtah

    chewtah Guest

    Im thinking of taking the 12v lead out, it only gets in the way. A bag of ice for the outward trip will do. I checked with a thermometre one trip home, 10deg before I left, 15 when I got home so its not getting colder on 12v. Here's the 'flame head' I made for it, same size air hole, 3mm flame hole, works great! Next one will have a slightly smaller bore, walls go to thin.

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  5. saabman

    saabman Well-Known Member

    You certainly can't complain about that sort of performance!
  6. chewtah

    chewtah Guest

    Something that helps a little bit when trying to start the fridge, remembering the pilot light is on 'hands and knees' level in a normally very inconvenient spot,
    my digital thermometre!
    I put it in the plastic slots pointing down into the chimney of the fridge and it quickly tells me if the pilot light is one, and staying on.
    Ill put a picture up later.

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