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74 single cab - Oxenford

Discussion in 'Kombi Spotting' started by Guzzler Chief, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Guzzler Chief

    Guzzler Chief New Member

    Rochedale South
    Hey guys,

    There was a single cab outside the cafe this afternoon, didnt have my camera so didnt manage to get a photo and the driver was nowhere to be seen. Anyway it is up for sale, looks like its in a good condition, nicely decked out cab, nice paint job (cream?) etc. I dotn know how much its for sale for but if you pm me I will give you the mobile number to call.

    Apologies if this breaks any of the forum rules but i didnt know where to post this and Im only posting to help someone out if they are looking for a kombi !?!!?!?

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