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ACT & Surrounds Sunday Day Trip

Discussion in 'Kombi Club Bus Stop 2011' started by Grantus, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. Grantus

    Grantus Well-Known Member

    Southern ACT
    We're aiming at lunch in Narooma on Sunday, passing through Bungendore around 8.45am.

    Any other ACT or surround KC'ers wanting to cruise down too, let me know so we don't leave Bungendore without you....:)

    Also taking an assortment of T2 spare bits and pieces for sale, as my mechanic was cleaning out his workshop, and I talked him out of Ebay, and to offer them to Kombi Club Members first.

    Will list them up on a For Sale thread, so if anyone else apart from Bus Stoppers wants them AND can organise KC Express delivery from Narooma, feel free.

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