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Air Horn Intake Control Box

Discussion in 'Bay Tech Clinic' started by onetrackwonder, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. Mr Beckstar

    Mr Beckstar Well-Known Member

    Bateau Bay, NSW
    Here’s the clip on the Warm air intake thermostat. The clip just slides over the tubes. The angled prongs dig into the sides of the tubes to stop it coming off. The ears on either side hold the hoses on the pipes.

    The thermostat barely fits inside the large end of the horn, so I expect it won’t fit out the other end and go down the carb.

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  2. onetrackwonder

    onetrackwonder Well-Known Member

    Central Tilba, NSW
    Great stuff, thats the information that I needed, so that is why the clip has come off because there are no hoses on the thermostat, thanks mate, much appreciated, cheers Greg
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