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Discussion in 'Splitty Tech Clinic' started by liz bradley, Feb 18, 2018.

  1. liz bradley

    liz bradley Member

    Hi all. Our 60 Splittty runs a 2276 which provides plenty of grunt and is finally running beautifully after issues with oil temp and carby set up. Unfortunately we have had recurring issues with faulty alternators. The one that was supplied with the motor was a nasty Chinese variety. This was replaced a couple of weeks ago with yet another nasty Chinese variety. The bus has barely done 2,000 kms and the last one hasnt performed since installed. (Green light doesnt go out)I'm so tired of replacing nasty parts and paying labour to do so.
    There has been a suggestion that Bosch alternators are the way to go. Could somebody tell me which model etc and price I'm looking at to solve this problem?
  2. drivesafe

    drivesafe Active Member

    Hi Liz, this just a suggestion, because it’s pretty unusual to cop fully alternators, with what sounds like the same problem.

    Try checking all your wiring/cabling connected to your alternator.

    And pay particular attention to all earth cabling and their connections.

    As above, just a suggestion.
  3. Barry

    Barry Well-Known Member

    Abbotsford NSW
    Is it definitely an alternator and not a generator?
    A split would originally have had a generator.
    If alternator then it has been rewired

    Has someone (auto electrician) faulted the alternator / generator.

    I usually prefer to get OG stuff rebuilt but last time I had an alternator rebuilt it was near impossible to get an internal regulator.
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  4. syncro

    syncro Well-Known Member

    Southern Highlands
    That is normal for the Chinese alternators. Try to get an original Bosch and get it reconditioned. As far as I know, you cannot buy new quality Bosch alternators.
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  5. kombiwhisperer

    kombiwhisperer Member

    fraser coast queensland
    CSP in Germany have genuine Bosch alternators now(probably Brazilian)

    Or CB in USA do American made version, worth the money---

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