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Blues Skies Out West

Discussion in 'NSW' started by AC-T3, Apr 11, 2021.

  1. AC-T3

    AC-T3 Well-Known Member

    Woy Woy
    Invited to a birthday party at the Scottish Arms Hotel Bowral 20 March (they have Guinness on tap too) before Easter, we decided to go west and avoid the east coast wet stuff. West to Yass in heavy rain, turned right chasing clear skies. Got to Young with clearing skies and great coffee. Further north to Dubbo for the night, and the pub across the road has Guinness on tap. ALL GOOD SO FAR. Then on to Coonabarabran to catch up with an old home brewer friend.

    Such a nice town too. Some clever people there too. This is the local arts and craft shop.

    Then on to Warrumbungle National Park for 3 days of blue skies. Powered sites, flush toilets and lots to do.

    And a happy camper with Pete's home brew,
    Home Brew.jpg
    Not mine but nearby. Friendly eh?

    Then onto Lightning Ridge for another 3 days. A totally unexpected find. No photo's but .........
    1. The thermal swimming pool
    2. John Murray art gallery (bought one)
    3. The pub serves Guinness (in bottles),

    4. The Italian restaurant on main street. One man out back, 6 or more staff out front, and food capital cities can't beat.

    Then off to Narrabri across the flat cotton country never sure when the mirage on the black top road ahead would firm up as a flood-way (few times wished I had a Schwimcro or Toyota Land-cruiser. Made it safe, great coffee and re-kitted before heading to Mt Kaputar NP for another 3 days

    One heavily laden T3 ready to take on the 20km single lane steeeep dirt road ahead. Note the blue skies.

    Comfy camp ground with hot showers and flush toilets.
    Mt Kaptar Campground.jpg

    And the view from the top
    The Top KNP.jpg

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  2. tillis

    tillis Well-Known Member

    gold coast
    Great trip fond memories of climbing at Kaputar and Warrumbungles
  3. KahunaKombi

    KahunaKombi Super Moderator Staff Member

    Bracken Ridge, Qld
    I'd give you another like for the Guiness :D;)

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