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Border Ranges NP road suitable for kombi???

Discussion in 'NSW' started by thomo_86, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. thomo_86

    thomo_86 New Member

    Tamborine Mountain
    Hi all,

    Thinking of doing some camping over xmas in the Border Ranges. I will be coming from Tamborine Mountain via Lions Rd, Simes Rd, Wiangaree Forest Road and Tweed Range Scenic Drive. I've been doing a bit of a google and keep finding recommendations for leaving buses and caravans at Sheepstation Creek Campground as the road beyond here is to steep.

    Was wondering, has anyone attempted this road (towards Forest Tops Campground) in a kombi? Having driven the kombi up and down Tamborine Mt a number of times, and to the snow when living in Canberra I know that roads that are often warned as steep aren't always so bad. Wondering what sort of a steep road this may be.

    Cheers for any tales :)
  2. vassy69SC

    vassy69SC Active Member

    The Lions Road is steep but it is the brakes that are the weak point.
    If you have good brakes then it will not be a worry.
    But ... be sensible and get into 2nd gear on the steep downhills.
    I had my 69SC run out of brakes when it had drums all round (in excellent condition) and I did not get 2nd gear in time. My 2c
  3. nickc

    nickc Member

    currumbin qld
    Roads aren't that bad we went there couple of years ago before our kombi but I'd take it for sure. Coming from nimbin side can be steep but kyogle side not to bad. Can't drive kombi into forest tops campground it has bollards and is tents only. Roads can get bad when wet and they close some off. Great spot especially the Pinnacle.[​IMG][/IMG]one of the roads
  4. lachie

    lachie Member

    as long as it is not too wet it should be passable!
    make sure you go to hanging rock swimming hole ( travelling east on kyogle uki road just past lillian rock- turn down and go past "the wadeville woolies" -continue about 1 km to t intersection- turn left and go about 300m you'll see a parking area on roadside.
    walk along a path and you'll find a swimming hole that can't be beaten.

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