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Bus Stop 2018 Itinerary

Discussion in 'The Kombi Club Bus Stop 2018' started by Weekender, May 5, 2018.

  1. Weekender

    Weekender Well-Known Member

    Pomona Q
    With the loss the 2018 Bus Stop posts, I thought I would post this up as a reminder of how the weekend was set up and how it unfolded. It is still of a bit of work in progress and I will update some sections - when I remember the details!


    Top of Town Stanthorpe


    The Kombi Club had 87 sites, 8 cabins, 5 motel rooms, 2 snugs and the cottage

    Thursday 29 March 2018

    RSL for diner at 6.45pm with courtesy bus doing the picks ups. About 30 attended.

    Friday 30 March 2018

    Meet & Greet

    5.30p BYO drinks & chair to the lounge and kitchen, located at the end of the Caravan Park Motel. The lounge severed as a great place for the kids play.

    Curries - $10 for pre-orders or sausage sizzle $2.50 available for purchase

    Raffle conducted by Granite Belt Support Services of donated wines & beers

    Saturday 31 March 2018.

    Photoshoot and Kombi Kruise

    9a lining up ready to drive into Showgrounds.

    9.30a Group Photo Shoot in the showgrounds ring

    10.30a Komvoy to reassemble on road outside Showgrounds. Then Kruise down town to the bottom roundabout, then break off to lunch destinations of your choice. (about 103 kombis were on the kruise)

    Bus Stop Dinner 2018

    6p for 7p dinner at the Showgrounds Exhibition Centre

    Menu was a choice of roast beef or roast chicken, with vegetable. A vegetarian and vegan lasagna was also provided. Desserts were mini pavs or local apple pie and cream.

    Cost $33 Adult; $16 Children

    Bookings conducted on our Trybooking web page.

    Attendance: 163 adults and 20 children

    Theme: Australiana - Alcohol available for purchase - 10p finish

    The costumes were amazing with all manner of ideas and themes.

    Sunday 1 April 2018.

    Easter Egg Hunt for the kids

    9a – met at the Camp kitchen (donations went to bunny Anne-Marie at site 76 prior). Reported great behaviour by the kids (about 30) with older one helping the younger ones. Anne-Marie made special kombi bags for the hunt.

    Kombi RC races

    Around 3p– gather at the Showgrounds under the front awning. Great work from Alpal and the crazy drivers.

    Sunday Pizza night

    5.30p - meet at the Top Camp kitchen behind Motel. Live music from 6p courtesy of The Campfire Bandits complete with campfire! Thanks Marcus and Trish!

    6.30p - KC Queensland chapter provided free Dominos pizza. 80 pizzas delivered and eaten quick smart! All popular varieties incl vegetarian provided. Gold coin donation to our charity

    BYO chairs and drinks.

    Other details

    Stubby coolers and stickers

    These shared the same design. John had the stickers make up by couldn’t make it to BS. Distributed by Alpal.

    Cooler came in three colours – Blue, orange or rainbow. We sold 120. Thanks paul77.


    Many people make a Bus Stop happen. Thanks to Paul 77, Stu, Anita, Robyn, Anne-Marie, Marcus & Trish, Brad & Anita, Bobby and Lauren and Paul C. And to our respective partners!

    And a special thanks to those members that were part of the RTTS in 2011 That provided some left-over funds that provided for the pizzas and the balance donated to the charity.

    Donations to lucky door prizes

    Darryl and Laurel (Razzle Dazzle) of Bayzoil; Neil from The Bus Stop; David H, Anita (Wilbur); Lorraine; Leo; Steve (Milly)


    We choose local Stanthorpe based Granite Belt Support Services who support adults and children with varying disabilities. GBSS sourced great prises and the sausage sizzle items. We raised a bit over $1800. They were rather overwhelmed with our generosity of money and effort. No other visiting “group” to Stanthorpe has ever provided them with the opportunity.


    At the dinner awards were given to
    • Longest distance – Chris Taylor - 1815 km from Adelaide. Chris had to cross 4 states to do this
    • Longest distance (Qld) – Sylvia - Miss Rosie 1801 km from Cairns – never left the state – shows just how big QLD is!
    • Inaugural Broken windscreen – Mark & Debbie - Map77
    • Hard luck- a few to choose from, but the winner broke down close to Melbourne and hired a car – never missed a Bus Stop - Woz and Alice
    • A special moment for a BS organiser - First correct post of booking – Steve – Milly
    • Most passion poster & use of emojis – David H
    Best dressed – as voted by Show society members:
    • Couple - Craig and Leanne - Elise76 of our convict past
    • Male – Phil – 73 Kombi aka Norman Gunston
    • Female - Karen – Mrs Milly aka the CWA lady (what 2 trophies in one kombi!)
    • Family – Stu, Shaz and Natalie – Stusbus – AFL Sydney Swans (and in Qld……)

    So thanks again for the support and for those who attended. That what makes a Bus Stop great.
    *If I have missed somebody or got the story wrong please send me a PM

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  2. cbus

    cbus Well-Known Member

    sunshine coast
    Good one Leo.

    Was a well run w.e.

    And a good choice of camp and locality.

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  3. stusbus

    stusbus Well-Known Member

    Tamborine QLD
    If you need help with Who won the awards Leo
    I know who won “best dressed family”:D
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  4. oldman

    oldman Super Moderator Staff Member

    Avalon Beach NSW
    ......and the Adult, large pull-backs.....:rolleyes:
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  5. Alpal

    Alpal Moderator Staff Member

    Melbourne Bend of Islands
    And the prize for the best Stanthorpe organiser!
    Thanks Leo!
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  6. Weekender

    Weekender Well-Known Member

    Pomona Q
    Post # 1 updated

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