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Camping at Low Head

Discussion in 'Tas' started by Vanders, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. Vanders

    Vanders Active Member

    Launceston, Tasmania
    Alright, the locals may say 'LOW HEAD!' , but it's not so bad. At the entrance to the Tamar River on the Eastern side of the river, Low Head is really not so bad. Only an hour from Launnie, with three kids it is a pretty easy run.

    The beach is nice, although pebbly, and the Fairy Penguin tour was pretty good. You get to go spotlighting for penguins and are allowed pretty close. The kids loved it.

    The campground was okay, but we stayed up the 'old' end near the payground, not the 'new' end where all the mega-dollar vans and trailer tents were. Nice and quiet.

    Best thing is that Bridport is only 50kms away, so we spent Sunday down there, before heading back to Launnie on Monday, via the Rosevears Pub for lunch on Monday. The Rosevears is the best little pub in Tassie. Superb food, and right on the river. Just sit back and watch the boats sail by .....

    Ahem, wake up Paul. Back to camping. We took the new tent this time as the twins are not using cots, so Betty was just used for ferrying us around. Tent was good. An Oztrail Retreat 9. I'd recommend one.

    Anyway, heres some photos. Couldn't take photos of the penguins as you can't use a flash.

    Firstly, the campsite:


    That's me with a bottle of wine. It was after 5pm, I swear, even though it doesn't look like it.

    Here's the three stooges in the back of Betty:


    Notice the close proximity of the amenities block. Very necessary with two boys not long out of nappies.

    Finally, and this wasn't staged AT ALL (yeah right):


    All in all a nice weekend. I don't think I would hurry back, sort of 'been there, done that'.

    Bridport campground looks beautiful, but has limited facilities. I think that will be next summers location.


  2. 1963 Empi Radar

    1963 Empi Radar New Member

    Launceston, Tasmania
    Well when you head up Bridport way give me a buzz and we will meet up at my property which is just near Bridport and talk Volkswagens!!!!
  3. puttputtputt

    puttputtputt New Member

    Launceston, Tas
    looks great Paul, love the stooges. i don't go out there often but low head is really nice. looks like the weather wasn't half bad for you either ;)

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