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Camping in the Snow

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Whitie, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. farquire

    farquire Active Member

    newport sydney
  2. Whitie

    Whitie Well-Known Member

    Been staying at Sawpit Creek camping ground, lots of people in pup tents, brrrr
    We whoos out & get a small cabin. Its kinda camping & the brave can have a campfire but its icy walk to the amenities in the snow at -5.
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  3. MickT3

    MickT3 New Member

    Central Coast NSW
    Electric blow heater.
    Like a winter visit to the old Canberra Starlight Drive in, you had the speaker on the window and a heater on the floor. It had one speed and that would see the right leg well done.
    But without power I think the thermals and a beany are the shot.
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  4. Vamper1

    Vamper1 Member

    Stanwell Park
    we camped last winter for several weeks at Island bend Guthega ( 4 nights then a couple of nights back in Jindabyne then repeat )
    Our record was -6 ! some very stormy nights with strong winds .
    winter doona , wool blanket, winter flannel sheets , small Portable Buddy Canadian butane gas heater ! 2 front windows down half an inch .
    I took a CO gas detector to monitor but zero readings (our old vans arn"t air tight ,plenty of draught) We would have it on before bed ,turn it back on at 3am ishh for 10mins then off ,
    then back on when awake . I also found turning our 3 ring lpg stove on for 10 mins with the fan on above it heated the van up quickly (again no reading on gas detector)
    I work with and service gas detectors .
    We were very comfortable and will be back there this snow season :)
    Its free camping there , and with toilets
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  5. tillis

    tillis Well-Known Member

    gold coast
    I camped in friends backyard north of Whistler in B.C. Canada in a Chev camper van in minus 25c and used a typical fan heater maybe 2000w...heheh kept it civilized but wouldn't say toasty...two small kids as well but we were all in down sleeping bags...went crosscountry skiing next day minus 10 at midday...I was in a T-shirt...the schnapps went down well!
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