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car crash

Discussion in 'Kombi Club' started by generation fade, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. generation fade

    generation fade New Member

    scarborough, QLD
    this has no kombi's in it, just writing to beware everyone of the danger of our roads, not that everyone doesn't know that anyway.

    i went down to sydney friday morning for a wedding, and saturday i stayed at my mates house. he does not own a kombi, some toyota thing. anyway we were out driving around 10.30 at night around kurnell. not doing anything wrong at all, no drinking, no drugs, not even speeding. there were 3 of us in the car, and we were doing 80 in an 80 zone when we hit a bend, not fully concentrated my mate didnt realise we were driving on dirt, so quickly panicked and swerved right to get us back onto the road, then realising he swerved right too hard he swerved left to try and get us back in our lane while breaking, but the car had already lost it and we went flying off the road head-on into a road barrier, did a 180, smashed the back of the car and proceeded to do another 360 before finally stopping. after the realisation that we had just crashed and that we were still alive, we checked one another and gave each other big hugs. after this came the shock of a crash, and the emotion as well as the thankfulness that we were all still alive.

    now i am not writing this for sympathy, just telling everyone how careful and concentrated they gotta be on the road, and i know everyone thinks they are, and it wont happen to them, and that was the same with me. but after this encounter i realise how much i do take for granted, and i really am extremely thankful to be alive. so to all kombi drivers, just take that extra bit of care when driving because you never know what could happen in the next 3 seconds of your life.


    ps. here is a picture of the car, just to show how much damage can be caused from driving into a metal road block.

  2. BargeArse

    BargeArse Active Member

    Ebbw Vale, QLD
    Ooooooo... Yeah, the car's in a bad way, huh Ben. It's very good news that the three of you are all okay. And yeah, it goes to show what a lapse in concentration can do.

    Mate, thanks for the sober reminder. Please everyone make sure they're taking care at all times whilst out and about.

  3. GoblinSA

    GoblinSA New Member

    Adelaide Hills
    Ouch.. glad you came out of that one ok.

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