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Discussion in 'NT' started by cammokombi, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. cammokombi

    cammokombi New Member

    Melbourne Victoria
    The road north to Darwin offers lots of large rest areas and many have toilets. These are free camping areas. Once in Darwin there is no free camping so caravan parks are the go.
  2. vwcamper76

    vwcamper76 New Member

    Risdon Vale, Hobart, TAS
    Free camping 70klm's from darwin

    Free camping at Gunn point aprox 70klm's from Darwin or 50klm's to the stuart highway.

    Go south from darwin about 20klm's turn left at Howed spring's keep following the siled road to a dirt and corigated road follow to the end and then go down the track that leed's to the beach and small river mouth.

    Only acesable for two wheel drive car's in the dry session.

    There is two bin's and a open air shaid shelter so a tarp's are needed, minimal shade. full next g service,wireless and full tv chanelles can be recived her. There are no other facilities.

    There is a variety of fish and mud crabs are caught her.

    Around the road there is a fishing camp/caravan park witch have ice, water, boat ramp and boat hire $140.00. camping fee for power is $27.00 or $20.00 for unpowered site Warning if you want a warm shower you have to light the fire first.

    Gunn point is a good FREE camp spot.

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