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Dual battery setup

Discussion in 'Bay Tech Clinic' started by butternut, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. butternut

    butternut Member

    Ok, this years modification - Dual battery setup!

    I am after any recommendations and the differences between the many models, if any?
    I read up on the 'Kombi DT90' on someone else's post and it all sounds good and well. But I'm sure if i go down to the plethora of 4wD shops they will try and sell me one of theres. are there many differences? Are there setups that kombi drivers prefer to use?
    End of the day i just want something to power my 12v stuff when I'm parked up. and start the engine ok when i go to take off. why else would you need one?
    What size aux battery do i need? Are they easy to rig up yourself?
    I'm a sparky..... shouldn't have to much drama..... but then again I'm time poor and can't be bothered with any hassle.

  2. Kombi Dad

    Kombi Dad Well-Known Member

    Bungendore, NSW
    In my T3 I use a Redarc isolator and a 137Ah secondary battery.

    This depends on where you are going to install the battery, the type of battery, what power you consume. As a sparky you should be able to work out how much you will consume.

    I did all my own and I am not a sparky though I am an electronics engineer / instrument fitter (RAAF) / IT professional. It was fairly straight forward and easy to do.

    There is a great deal of information contained in the links from the following thread.


    Last edited: Feb 3, 2016
  3. 68BUS

    68BUS Well-Known Member

    I found the best way to select a battery is go to the shop and see what fits. There is not a lot of room in there when you take into account the light and wiring pins for the rear brake / indicators when your talking deep cycle battery.
    Not sure which one I went now but it was two sizes down from what I wanted originally. I could have got more power out of two smaller expensive ones in series but the cost was not worth it.

    Not a great amount on info but a start.

    Also the best thing I have done with mine is my stereo was hooked up through the normal battery. Not sure about your bay but my bus does not have an accessory switch on the ignition. So I could not run the stereo with the engine off without stuffing coils ect... So I ran it off the dual battery and I now have a toggle switch and led light to tell me when it is on. So I can run it whenever completely separate to the car. It is great. |And the light reminds me to turn it off if the volume is down.
  4. vassy69SC

    vassy69SC Active Member

    I would from experience go for a 12-Amp hour battery and a Ctek controller.
    Our setup has operated flawlessly for 5 years.
  5. Kai

    Kai Well-Known Member

    Sydney, NSW
    i like my sc80 from traxide. I have a 100ah in the second battery tray and often take another 120ah battery when offsite for a while. solar panel is good too.
  6. Airfireman

    Airfireman Active Member

    Sunshine Coast
    Ctek DS250 DC to DC charger 130amp hour battery (left hand side of engine bay) and flexible 100w solar panel on the roof

    That's my set up, works greaat
  7. vassy69SC

    vassy69SC Active Member

    Just re read my post ... try a 120 amp hour battery :p The 12 amp hour one won't last long.

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