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Earth Hour Tonight

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by The Brewmaster, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. BrianK

    BrianK Well-Known Member

    Port Kennedy WA
    And your two pence worth was worth reading also. Its an individual thing i guess, i went out side last night and i could not see any house in darkness in my area.

    brian :)
  2. Archeress

    Archeress Guest

    Finally someone prepared to say what they think rather than saying things they think people might enjoy listening to...
  3. The Brewmaster

    The Brewmaster New Member

    Moffat Beach
    Little steps for some..... giant leap forward for the planet!

    But aren't you taking the stance that if you don't do what you have done then it is too insignificant to possibly help at all?

    Your neighbour may have been ignorant to the fantastic efforts you have already implemented in your household. He just needs to be educated that there is just so much more that he can do rather than just switch off some lights for an hour. Little steps have to be taken by people such as your neighbour. They need to be educated about what they can do not be chastised about their small effort.

    I know you are frustrated with people like this but at least they are doing something..... even if it is just sitting in the darkness!

    Earth Hour is about creating an awareness and opening up of the mind to ideas that you already have had the good fortune to be on top of........... with your water tank, solar hot water system, worm farm, refusal to use air conditioning, use of fans sparingly and the planting of greenery, etc......

    If you look at the Earth Hour site at this section you will see that there are suggestions as to what you can do at home to make a difference....as well as work and school. You obviously already do many of these.


    So Yellow Pencils you are making a difference and you are doing something by leading the way.

    Your neighbour may have been ignorant of what you were doing at your home but that does not mean belittle his effort.

    Some people need to feel that they are part of a movement!

    Earth Hour will get bigger and bigger but it has to educate those who know next to nothing about what they can do.

    Be patient Yellow Pencils...... be patient!

    For those who wish to remain ignorant...... be an ostrich and stick your head in the sand! You might wish to click on one of the links below .......



    Last edited: Mar 30, 2008
  4. gemma

    gemma New Member

    Bermagui n. s.w

    Be patient , just be patient!!

    Otherwise they may take you out on a gurney .
    enjoying this thread.
  5. kyznet

    kyznet Active Member

    Ashgrove 4060
    We did the romantic, candelight thing and decided that we'll do it EVERY Saturday. Just because. :)

    Kids had a great time too - going up and down the street by torchlight to see who was partaking. They'd been talking about it all week at school (from Prep to Year 7) and there was no way we were going to be able to forget about it.

    I know it's more a symbolic gesture more than everyone, but it was a nice thing to do for a change.
  6. Roy

    Roy Administrator Staff Member

    Mudgeeraba, Qld
    MMMMM interesting reading. I think the whole point of earth hour is to start the ball rolling, from little acorns do mighty oak trees grow.
    oK it may only be twice a year but who knows eventually it may be every night.
    its a case of driving the point home to some people.
    Yes it will take more but we have to bring it to the attention of all

    Does anyone remember 1974 in the UK, under Ted Heath. Electric was cut at 10pm to everyone every night.
    Why can the governments not do that now??
    Every third street lamp was turned off too
  7. Split 1

    Split 1 New Member

    Went to a 40th party last night so our house was empty.
    Funny but on the way there in our car that caused more carbon than a light left on we noticed loads of people in cars, going up to the hills to see the city with no lights on??

    So they didnt really save much then.

    Also, just a thought.
    The power stations were still producing the same amount of power whether we used it or not, so the same amount of coal/oil was used, so in reality it didnt save anything did it.

  8. The Brewmaster

    The Brewmaster New Member

    Moffat Beach
    Informed Decision-Making?

    Some love to comment after only hearing what's on the TV or radio or what they've read in the newspapers without fully understanding what Earth Hour is all about.

    Always find it interesting that people are prepared to comment without having looked at the web site to understand the point of the exercise.

    All movements have to start somewhere but people have to believe things are achievable and easy to do before they attempt it.

    I got the similar responses when I suggested it to my staff and students at school. I encourage students not to believe everything I say so I challenged them to convince me with facts and figures as why Earth Hour was a waste of time. I gave them a few days to formulate their own opinions and said I would give mine at the end of the week. I told them that we would all divulge our opinions in the last lesson of the week for that class

    Well the challenge was met by a couple of students......

    The most vocally against Earth Hour.... those who said it was a waste of time actually went off eager to prove what they felt I was going to state as my opinion.

    Those with a touch of green in their blood also went off.....

    The ones I really wanted to do something were the ones with no opinion on the issue of Earth Hour.

    A sample of opinions would no doubt come back later in the week.....

    When the last lesson of each class came on Thursday or Friday I had set up a projector and link to the internet so that any web site could be put up on a screen for the entire class to see.

    Interesting results came out of all classes Year 9's 13/14 year olds to Year 12's 16/17 yearr olds.

    Those who were against Earth Hour came out with some facts against the science of Global Warming/Climate Change and one or two even gave the estimated saving that turning off some lights and appliances for an hour would achieve.

    Those with a touch of green in their blood also came back with an equally convincing argument as to the impact of global warming/climate change and why Earth Hour was such a good idea.

    There were the usual suspects who showed their apathy in not doing anything at all.......

    They waited for my reaction and I put up a couple of web sites / articles very quickly. Some included ......




    and finally


    but we spent a bit more time going over this site to have a look at something that was just not the homepage!

    Then I asked then what message they thought Earth Hour was trying to get out to the people about turning off their lights for an hour on Saturday night!

    Then finally I asked what they felt was my intention of having them go through the whole exercise.........

    Most think somehow I am some hippy who drives a kombi...... and immediately came out with the fact that I was supporting the greenie argument. Most went along with that.

    Then there is always one student who has the old Lightbulb go bright above their head in class and they then proceed to explain to the rest that .......

    .......He's done it again..... he wants us to make an informed decision on what we think is right. I hate how he does that! The thing we have to do is weigh up both sides of the argument and then make an informed decision that we can justify to others our choice/final decision with an argument to justify our case.........

    I am a bastard as a teacher I must admit!...... evil sometimes too!:twisted:

    Then we looked at what Earth Hour is setting out to do and why.

    Not just a hour of no power but creating an awareness of what the average person can achieve.

    And that that will be the most that people will ever do but it may be the first baby step that continues on with some momentum in the years to come!

    The idea of Earth Hour is to convince more and more people each year to participate and hopefully educate them to a more sustainable lifestyle in their everyday lives.

    A noble aim but then if you look at the power of people movements over the past few hundred years then you know things were achieved as those movements gain momentum. Civil Rights Movement, Trade Union Movement 8 hour working days, amongst a few.......

    .... as I type this there is an Energex ad during the NRL on Tv telling us all who have Air Conditioning to set it at 24*C shut all the curtains doors and windows to run the air con at its most efficient state......

    Who would have thought such an ad would have been screened 10 or 20 years ago? Times they are a- changing ........

    With the current emphasis on Global Warming/Climate Change think how some of our current and former politicians have changed their tune over the last five years, how much money is being put into Research and Development and educational advertising about water, energy conservation and waste reduction in our daily lives. Not to mention recycling!

    Think of the change in thought over the past twenty years.

    My point is that all movements have to start somewhere and take little/baby steps forward until the movement gains momentum. There will be sceptics, there will be cynics ...... there will be some avid opponents ..... but the success of a movement will win many of these over.

    But the point I make to my students is that they have to make an informed decision.

    Too often I see students just parrot off the opinion of a parent and when asked to justify their statements can't back it up.

    All I ask is that people just don't accept the opinions of others without looking into the different arguments/opinions on the issue.

    Then at least it is an informed opinion is formulated ......whichever way it goes........

  9. Leigh77

    Leigh77 Member

    Granton Tas
    Amen Brewmaster, coldn't agree more with what you have said, i remember the same thing while i was in high school, so many students related their parents opinions and not their own informed opinion, you've meade a very clear and relevent point.
    Its very interesting though to read what other people have to say about these kinds of issues.
  10. yellow pencils

    yellow pencils New Member

    Beautiful Burleigh Beach
    civil right mvmt?....racism and discrimination is still with us and the underlying resentment felt by minorities is greater now than ever before.
    union mvmt? and an 8 hr day....very few people i know work only 8 hrs most are up to 10+ in an effort to generate $ to live with and pay a mortgage.
    etc etc

    Brewmaster, I do stand up and applaud your passion, this world lacks passionate people.
    (This is why I love people in the green movement, the anti-whaling mvmt, legalise drugs mvmt etc etc...to me most are complete unthinking morons..but, as morons they have a belief and are prepared to stand up for it and fight for what they believe...more power to them I say!)

    and I am not implying you are a moron..lol
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2008
  11. yellow pencils

    yellow pencils New Member

    Beautiful Burleigh Beach
    Brewmaster..you can come to my house next Earthhour for a BBQ, you are now officially invited...although I will turn on every light in the house and take the ss commodore out to burn fossil fuel as I know this will grate my neighbour no end.....we can chuck a whale steak on the embers!
  12. Roy

    Roy Administrator Staff Member

    Mudgeeraba, Qld
    If the odd few never try and change things, we would still believe the world is flat and lighting fire with flint
    Even subconciously most of us are making a small effort somewhere. Whether its recycling paper, plastic bags or switching off power, everyone, everywhere can make a difference
  13. The Brewmaster

    The Brewmaster New Member

    Moffat Beach
    Some responses to Earth Hour 2008

    Here are some responses to last night's Earth Hour. Some statistics have been referred to by the news that Brisbane saved 12.4 % of its power usage during the hour and that Sydeny was over 10% as well.

    Why even Richard Branson held a function for 4000 and boasted low carbon emission beer was served by candlelight...... I had to laugh at that one though!

    Some statistics from the World Wildlife Fund - Australia website


    Here are some intersting quotes from that article....

    Residents and businesses across the city showed their support for Earth Hour resulting in an impressive 10.2% drop in energy usage across the usually glittering CBD, according to Energy Australia.

    This is double the anticipated energy saving and represents a reduction of 24.86 tonnes of carbon dioxide - the equivalent of taking 48,613 cars off the road for an hour.

    According to Energy Australia, for the hour between 7.30pm and 8.30pm on 31 March 2007, there was a 10.2% reduction in electricity consumption across the Sydney CBD. This is calculated as follows: Sydney CBD temperature during Earth Hour was 19.8c. Typical energy consumption at this temperature between 7.30 and 8.30 is 228,180 KWh. Actual electricity consumption in the Sydney CBD at this time was 204,900 KWh. Energy Australia analysed data over 4 years to get the typical consumption on a Saturday night in the CBD during March and April. This takes into account daylight savings and weather.

    The energy saving during Earth Hour is equivalent to taking 48,613 cars off the road for one hour, or 200,000 standard televisions turned off for one hour. This represents a saving of 24.86 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

    From Melbourne...The Age

    From Sydney....Sydney Morning Herald

    Something which sounds remarkedly like Dave's post see the black bold type.... but I agree with the sentiment expressed in the Editorial as it expresses that we need to do much, much more....red bold type.

    From Adelaide
    Sunday Mail Editorial: We need more than grand gestures

    THE feelgood afterglow of last night's Earth Hour, when lots of South Australians flicked off their lights for an hour to save the world, might last a day or so.

    After all, it was a noble gesture that focused attention on humanity's assault on our ecosystems and gave Australian corporations a chance to show they care . . . but only for an hour.
    But, really, let's get real.

    An hour's lights out is not going to save the world, nor will it greatly alter the way we think. The number of cars going to lookouts in the Hills to check the city in darkness probably cancelled out whatever carbon savings an hour without lights produced.
    And surely we all know the problems of climate change – we need less in the way of gimmicks and more in the way of action for long-term, sustainable change.

    So, while we congratulate ourselves this morning, we also need to look at ways to turn these gestures into genuine commitments that have a long-term effect.

    The good news is public pressure really is creating a force for change.

    Governments and businesses are moving under the inexorable weight of people power to change daily practices for the better. In the travel industry, for example, companies now offer the opportunity to fly "carbon neutral" – offsetting greenhouse emissions with schemes such as providing poor nations with low-energy light bulbs.

    These schemes are not perfect but they are a step in the right direction. And they last longer than an hour.

    In South Australia, long before the short-term fanfare of an Earth Hour, companies such as Santos and Advertiser Newspapers Pty Ltd (publisher of the Sunday Mail and The Advertiser) embraced the future with long-term, sustainable, measurable programs.

    ANPL's award-winning new headquarters at 31 Waymouth St is widely acknowledged as one of the "greenest" buildings in Australia, while parent company News Limited's One Degree plan aims to reduce carbon emissions by 20 per cent by 2010.

    Such programs require leadership from everybody – councils, governments, corporations and lobby groups to name a few – stretching far beyond the next balance sheet or election. Actions like these separate leaders from try-hards.

    Those with a long-term vision realise that embracing sustainability makes commercial as well as environmental sense, regardless of initial costs to implement the necessary changes.

    However, it takes more than symbolism to make genuine change.

    We must stretch our imagination a little further than a feelgood hour to guarantee a future for those who follow.[/B]

    Here here and hopefully more will jump on the bandwagon for 2009's Earth Hour ...... or...... start to make some changes to their home/work/school/ travel habits to reduce energy consumption and promote the conservation of water, energy and waste production and all resource use!

  14. gemma

    gemma New Member

    Bermagui n. s.w
    earth hour

    Bravo to you, BRew master.

    I concur , What is that famous quote?

    good men standing by doing nothing
    Not much good can come from that!
    Perhaps that thing called the survival instinct is becoming extinct.
    WE are so pampered some may feel we no longer need to think about it.
  15. kaye and rex

    kaye and rex New Member

    Yep we had our lights out too, but that happens every night as I just love candlelight...I could just see my darling departed Dad giving me the thumbs up ..as a kid he would go round the house turning lights and unused electric items off saying..."I only work for the Hydro, I don't bloody own it"perhaps he was the first to see the problems that we face now and that was nearly 50 yrs ago...Hydro was our Hydro Electric Commission back then for those who didn't know, good on everyone who tried to do their little bit to help..
  16. gemma

    gemma New Member

    Bermagui n. s.w

    Yeah Kay, Thankyou for re-minding me,
    I remember that one real well too!!
  17. The Brewmaster

    The Brewmaster New Member

    Moffat Beach
    Commercially Produced Drinks and Energy Consumption?

    To the KC'ers

    The thought popped into my head.... which some can hide their smirks for now..... but ......

    Has anyone thought as to how much energy and water goes into the manufacturing process of the drinks we all like to consume....soft and alcoholic?

    Imagine the Brewmaster leaning back in his chair ....... grabbing the stubby of Home Brewed German Bock in a Crown Lager 375ml stubby and taking a sip!


    In the commercial process
    • water used
    • Energy consumed
    • CO 2 emissions
    • Heat produced
    • Packaging used
    • Recycling of packaging, bottles, water....?

    Just a thought!

    Last edited: Mar 30, 2008
  18. gemma

    gemma New Member

    Bermagui n. s.w
    oh no

    I bet that thought hurt

    Because now you an contribute by not brewing so much,

    Is that it?
  19. Roy

    Roy Administrator Staff Member

    Mudgeeraba, Qld
    Hey Brew
    Thats why I drink environmentally friendly TEA, put the kettle on will ya'
  20. Alice in Kombiland

    Alice in Kombiland Well-Known Member

    I don't want to sound like I'm knocking anyone (we too turned or lights out)...but it feels a little like middle class guilt and is not a substantial solution to the problem of climate change.
    I feel that in the long term it may even do harm because people believe they are helping when they should be doing a lot more.

    I understand that earth hour is a useful educational and awareness tool however it might end up like the plastic bag situation...or starvation in Africa.
    Plastic bag use has increased by a huge amount in the last year....maybe this is because people think that if they own a few green bags that cancels out the plastic bag use when they forget to bring them.

    As for make poverty history campaigns, and other past campaigns, to help Africa (by affluent musicians playing a free concert). Many people may think that they have done their bit, brought the wrist band, and Africa's problems are solved....well aren't they??? Sadly not.

    I think what Van Housing was trying to say is that it is a drop in the ocean compared to what people need to do to reverse climate change. We need to change many behaviours in our lifestyle to even slow climate change let alone reverse it.

    We can't just use quick fix gimicks and continue with the same destructive habits...one hour a year might make us feel better but it is not going change the horrible situation we have got ourselves in.

    Woz suggested that perhaps Bus Stop 2009 we should encourage people to be carbon neutral for the journey....maybe plant some trees or join an offset program, although you Brewmaster, Jules, and Kyra wouldn't have to plant as many trees as me and woz because your cars are will be LPG.

    And I apologize for my beer habits....I partially offset my beer intake by not eating animals products ;)

    Despite my doubts I think anything to get the message out there is good...earth hour might be the least we can do, and only if it leads to more would I consider it a success.
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2008

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