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Easier sliding-door opening & closure, for 1968~79 VW Type 2s

Discussion in ''How To' & 'Handy Hints'' started by Nigel, May 27, 2011.

  1. leithbro

    leithbro Member

    Just arrived in the post from shapeways. These should be the final version, look really good and tough. Just have to check for final tolerances...
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  2. leithbro

    leithbro Member

    These are now in the shapeways marketplace:


    I have 4 complete with fastenings which are also available via PM.
  3. Maccas

    Maccas New Member

    I totally agree with the above procedure/solution, with only one change. Add "firmly" and so say "firmly pull the door closed". Works a treat.

    Thank you all for the discussion about supplementary aids for easier closure of the slider door. Got me thinking, trialing and doing!
    My beta 1 solution below came from what I found doing nothing, already in my garage. Works so simply, more quietly and less wear and tear on slider door and it's components. It's hard now to believe I've put up without this simple yet effective solution for so long!

    Door strap.01.jpg
    Door strap.02.jpg
    Door strap.03.jpg
    Door strap.04.jpg

    I used an existing screw position to fasten the strap. Opening/closing the door, the presence of the strap does not interfere with those procedures.
    I'm really looking forward to trialing it on my next trip and for it to become my goto method of door closure, both day and night!

    An alternative strap I had left over I decided to install it as a pull down strap to the rear hatch. Figured it would be quite useful for anyone short in stature to assist with reaching the hatch door in its raised position so as to help pull the door down to close.
    It's quite a strong and comfortable strap. The source of it was from a wet pack being tossed out because of zipper problems. Where I fastened it was pretty much pre-determined because I discovered there was already two fastening holes there, due no doubt for some purpose of a previous owner.

    Rear hatch strap.jpg

    Hope this also is of some help to others.

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