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Exhaust's ??

Discussion in 'Bay Tech Clinic' started by Dubman, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. johnnyzed

    johnnyzed Member

    also where could I go to find out about custom made exausts in Brisbane ? anyone?
  2. vasterskombi

    vasterskombi Member

    gold coast Queensland
    im the same as johnnyzed, what is the 4:2:1?????
  3. 4 -2 -1 is the pipe configuration. the 4 pipes from the heads then merge into 2. so the 2 pipes from each side of the engine merge together then they in turn merge together to become 1.

    Custom Exhaust Specialists - Located at Meadowbrook. 07 3200 2333.

    It's where I hold the dyno day each year. He ain't cheap but everything he does is top quality and sounds good and makes HP as well as fits and lasts. He did the system on my van over 10 years ago and it's still going strong.
  4. tat2ingvduber

    tat2ingvduber New Member

    good old richmond
    i just did a 4-2-1, straight of the heads and a webber upgrade, what a difference it made in power and it has a real nice note to it now, i did it my self and it cost me around $250 for muffler and mandrel bends from windsor exhaust 02 45885533 and for them to do it it would of been $500-$600 worth of work
  5. Joel

    Joel New Member

    Northern Rivers NSW
    hate to tell u but thats a really bad move

    ppl used to pull the same trick with type1 motors too
    u will cook ur heads doing this
    stock system contantly pumps air thro the heaterboxes even when the heaters are off
    by removeing the shells ur no longer keeping them cool and they become giant heat sinks and the heat rises straight up into the heads and im sure u can figure the rest out

    jake rabys testing showing that blocking the heater outlets on the shrouds to the heaterboxes on a type4 made head temps climb thro the roof
  6. Go hardcore and have no heaters LOL
  7. Kombi_Kouple

    Kombi_Kouple Member

    Ferny Hills - Brisbane
    Does anyone have any experience with a 4-1 Empi exhausts? From this post I am interested in sound or performance characteristics of this style of exhaust.

    I have one and have yet to fit it.

  8. jamiec

    jamiec Active Member

    West Coast Tasmania
    Im in need of a new exhaust to any addvice on empi gt twin or another
    system the will give more power?

    Cheers jamie
  9. glow-monkey

    glow-monkey Active Member

    Kenilworth QLD
    I have the empi gt twins, in opposition to everyone elses opinion i got more power from them over the stock ernst exhaust, but that is the only thing I have to say in their favour.

    In the one year I have had them, they have been ceramic coated twice, and are just starting to show signs of rust again now, sure they look great especially with no rear bumper, and I havent had any trouble with Police or transport (stopped by Traffic Branch and Qld Transport at a roadside check) even though the chrome tips hang out the back about half a foot. The cop actually just commented on how the van looked in good nick and asked had i done anything to the motor and how it ran. But i digress, Im not happy with the empis. They sound a little too tinny for me and just are not what I want, Im looking at getting something custom done up.

    Thanks for the heads up Life in Low lane, I will be in touch with CES soon, nobody in Toowoomba wanted to touch it unless I gave them the specs for the resonators and mufflers (isnt that why I went to them and not did it myself) one place just wanted to cut the empis off and weld hotdogs on.
  10. syncro

    syncro Well-Known Member

    Southern Highlands
    But you were probably changing from an old exhaust to a new.
  11. glow-monkey

    glow-monkey Active Member

    Kenilworth QLD
    Yeah it was the stock single ernst, bolts straight onto the flange so it is really a 4 into exhaust setup, the empis are 2x 2:1 as they have no connecting balance pipe. But Im not holding the empi flag, Im not happy with them, but I guess I do recomend them as a relatively inexpensive bolt on no hassle sysytem, just make sure you get them sand blasted and ceramic coated every six months. (hang on thats hassle)
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2009
  12. jman

    jman New Member

    I'm running a pretty awesome exhaust.
    I love being able to interchange from single quiet muffler to a Stinger.
    This exhaust up for sale soon.
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2009
  13. Bulli

    Bulli New Member

    south australia
    i had black ceramic coating put on my new BMW R8o (bike) pipes, they look good, guy said they will last longer, and stay cooler :)
    sadly got to sell it to help pay for the Kombi :(:

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