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free camping byron area?

Discussion in 'NSW' started by petenkaz, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. Tangles

    Tangles Well-Known Member

    On the road somewhere
    Stop being so wise, Grasshopper.
  2. ruby6689

    ruby6689 Well-Known Member

    Burnett Heads
    As a resident of the Northern Rivers, Nimbin to be exact I am getting really fed up with people 'free camping' anywhere they choose. Our village car park has just had a council sign erected saying 'no camping or parking from 1am - 5am' as it was beginning to get way out of hand. There has been a dozen or so campers set up in the parking area every day for months. They set up their tables, chairs, awnings etc taking up two car spaces and stay for weeks at a time. No consideration given to the locals like myself who do not have mail delivery (you need 5 houses in your street, we have 4) so I have to go into the Village every day to post/collect mail and find it increasingly hard to park.

    We often have 'free campers' set up out the front of our property, I have even had to ask one to move so I could get out of my gate. I've come home and find them set up on my driveway 200 mtrs inside my property. Others have left used toilet paper and rubbish in the driveway.

    I guess if I free camped everywhere I could afford the 'Hippie Chic'.

    Sorry for the vent, I'm sure you are a totally responsible free camper, a lot aren't and are spoiling it for those that are.

    The Showground has good facilities, easy walk into the village and just $10 per person per night, great alternative.
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  3. wombatventures

    wombatventures Well-Known Member

    Peterborough SA
    I agree with you completely. That's why we stay at places like Glenreagh and Mullumbimby. Money into the community and nice places to stay. The free camp sites in towns like Peterborough where we live are good for the community as GH nomads stop for a day or so and spend money. My opinion is that they could be a gold coin donation that goes toward upkeep of the area. If there are toilets or facilities then a bit more. Councils should enforce the days limit, 24 and 48 hour are good. Some areas 72 and 96 are reasonable.
    Camping in parking lots and private property should be prosecutable. Reasonable amounts of low cost camping areas for self contained travellers would be the best.
    I guess we find the high cost packed in caravan parks just too annoying.
  4. Kombi Dad

    Kombi Dad Well-Known Member

    Bungendore, NSW
    Can't agree more. As a camper for the past forty odd years in caravans, camper trailers, tents, kombis and now the Sprinter we find caravan parks can be a little annoying though we do use them. A donation and time limits for the free areas are great ideas. We have used Glenreagh a few times and find it a great place to stay a few days.


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