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front seat panels

Discussion in 'Interior' started by chris smart, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. chris smart

    chris smart Member

    adelaide, down south
    gday all i am in the procees of re paneling my interior, its coming along will, but i need to make the panels behind the front seats and not to sure when they go. cause they were not there to copy like the rest, so could anyone who has them post some pics of them in your bus, so i can see where they go, and if anyone could maybe give some messurments to. :)

    thanks guys

  2. Zombi

    Zombi Active Member

    Camooweal QLD
    Chris only stumbled on this today, how did you go? if you still need pics let me know as I have just fiddled with mine and can easy take pics and measurements etc.


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