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Fuel tank - to clean or not to clean?

Discussion in 'Fuel System & Electrics' started by Friedo, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. Friedo

    Friedo Member

    Kincumber NSW
    Hi there
    Currently about to put a rebuilt engine back into my '69 bus. Thought it might be a good idea to take the opportunity and have a look at the fuel tank with a view to cleaning / part replacement. Have had a few occasions when the gauge has not registered (came good after a while) - cause not determined. As a result ran out of petrol once and apart from a bit of crud that came through initially after filling up causing some coughing and farting there were no ongoing problems.

    I have read all threads on this forum + Ratwell and other bits and pieces. It seems that the job is somewhat fiddly and time consuming. There also seems to be some different views on how to perform the process - from the full POR scenario to soap and water and a metho dry out.

    I guess I am weighing up the 'let sleeping dogs lie' versus the 'do it while you can' approaches. Appreciate any thoughts from those who may have had some recent experiences that haven't been shared on this forum.

  2. 68BUS

    68BUS Well-Known Member

    Nows the time. Maybe a por15 fuel tank kit.
    Few places sell them, maybe someone on here has used one??
  3. Abby.75

    Abby.75 Member

    If the motor is out already it's probably a good time... would be annoying to put it back and then discover the problems. While Abby's motor was out not that long ago Bob at Volks Care (Adelaide) did all the breather/filler hoses etc.... they were a bit sad. Also the depth sender, which was toast. Didn't take the tank out to clean it though because while the guage wasn't working I ran out of fuel twice.... kept a little jerry can in the back full of fuel so it wasn't a major issue..... and there wasn't so much as the faintest fart or splutter.... I think whe the motor was rebuil the last time for the previous owner it was cleaned out.... they had definately been in there for something relatiely recently because the top of the tank was positively clean.

    While I was in Darwin I had a problem with Sophie not long after she was put back on the road afer a two year long forced siesta.... there was so much crud in the tank that it totally blocked the fuel line and I needed a tow.... So I would definately reccomended going the extra effort since at least n a Beetle the tank is easy to get to!!! I do know all they did to clean it was water blast it a la Karcher.... But it was the dry season in Darwin where you can litterally hang out your washing and by the time you get arround the line back where you staarted from you can start taking it down again....! Don't know if it is the reccomended method or not for fuel tanks to just blast them though.


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