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Gear Selection Woes

Discussion in 'Engine & Transmission' started by DrowningBitByBit, Apr 3, 2020.

  1. KahunaKombi

    KahunaKombi Super Moderator Staff Member

    Bracken Ridge, Qld
    DB3 - the splaying of the cup may have been done by a previous owner when they couldn't get the gear lever/shifter back in as easily as it had come out :rolleyes: .... the rod flexes and thus the ball on the shifter can not seat properly - from memory when I installed a Scat and had to fiddle with the original as well to see how it should fit, it has to be in neutral for it to align properly (& if you had someone underneath to push up on the rod it would make it easier ;)).
  2. Wayne murray

    Wayne murray Well-Known Member

    Seven hills
    Don't know if this is completely relevant here.
    On my 76 SC ute every two years I was replacing the front bush in the gear rod up front. What was happening was the gearstick wouldn't stay in it's reverse position, it would pop back up. Which could result in putting it in another gear by accident, while in reverse.
    Every time I replaced a bush which I thought was part of the problem, I also looked for other ware which would help with the issue
    On the gearstick there is a lip that catches the under side of the adjustment plate to keep the gearstick down while in reverse. It was badly worn so I welded it up and re shaped it.
    That didn't fix the problem so got somebody else to put it through the gears while I was underneath, to find out that there was excess play where the bush sits up the front. I know I replace the bush regularly but put that down to crap bushes.
    Decided to fix it this time now I know what is causing it. Made up a disc 27mm using a hole saw (32mm hole saw was used to get 27mm) and filed it down to make it fit in the hole. Put some copper behind the disc and welded in the disc. Using a dremel to grind down the welds
    49.JPG 50.JPG
    Using the small hole left by the hole saw,(which I used as a center point) drilled out with a hole saw to the correct size 25 mm.
    Which didn't completely work and some adjustment welding was needed on one side to make sure the 25 mm hole for the bush had no sideways movement.
    The handbrake rod and hanging bracket for the handbrake under the car had to be removed to get the drill in place.
    Used a neoprene push. Put the gear selector rod back in place with no side ways movement.(mick motors sell the neoprene bush, which is a harder plastic bush then the normal OEM Bush)
    Gearstick put back in adjusted to get all gears and know the gearstick doesn't pop up will in reverse, problem know fixed.
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  3. grumble

    grumble Well-Known Member

    Well done, sometimes you have to think outside the square for a different result over the years I have seen a lot of dodgy type attempts to rectify this problem most of which were unsuccessful and made it harder to fix.
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