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Getting to know my other German vehicle

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ruby6689, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. ruby6689

    ruby6689 Well-Known Member

    Burnett Heads
    We recently purchased a 10 YO BMW X5 diesel model and like all older cars it has had a few issues, nothing serious but I am learning really quickly that you need to DIY rather than take it to a mechanic.

    I have had door handle problems, the puller part fell off the first week I had it and because we knew nothing about it we paid $520 to have it fixed. We have since been game enough to remove the airbag that sits blocking access to the handle. Two weeks ago the key just went round and round in the lock and as I don't have another key or one with remote I was not able to lock it. I took it back to the mechanic who said it was an unrelated problem to the handle part he replaced and it would cost another $500 to replace this bit. Me being me thought there must be a cheaper way and yes there was. I purchased a repair kit off Ebay UK for $28.50 posted which arrived yesterday. An hour later, broken fingernails and very sore fingers I now have a fully functional key lock.......$471.50 saved.

    We did the brakes while it was waiting and they were the easiest job we have ever attempted, Andy laughed when I asked about bleeding them (we have done kombi brakes so many times I thought all brakes needed bleeding). We replaced the wear sensors as well, they had been removed and cable tied up. The pads were dangerously low, just as well Andy always checks brakes as soon as we buy a 'new' car.

    All filters have been replaced as well as oil and coolant, now that was a job and a half. It was only after we test drove it we discovered a pin hole leak in the expansion tank so another weeks wait for that replacement part.

    I sent her computer display unit over to England to have repaired, half the price of having it done here, and had it back in the car within three weeks. Now that's what I call service!

    Hopefully my replacement remote key will arrive today from Germany and we are able to activate it without any problems. I managed to save another $200 on that by purchasing it off Ebay for $300. The seller lives locally to me so I will be knocking on his door if it doesn't work.

    So between YouTube for instructions and Ebay we are saving a fortune on doing it ourselves.
    Having the Kombis has taught us a lot.:)
  2. nikferatu

    nikferatu Active Member

    Bracken Ridge, Brisbane
    Nicely done - they clearly see an X5 come through the door and think 'here we go'.
  3. john doherty

    john doherty Well-Known Member

    Love yer work Lorraine!.What is it with Kombi women????Some kinda super breed? The gender advantaged members of KC are some impressive examples of the genre.
    JD soon to be on the road.:cool:
  4. syncro

    syncro Well-Known Member

    Southern Highlands
    After owning Kombis, I thought that would have been a given!:lol:

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