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help putting poptop back on

Discussion in 'Resto Corner' started by Roos4us, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. Roos4us

    Roos4us Member

    Hi just need some information about how to put my poptop back on my van and what is the best seal to use between the roof and poptop. Thanks Steve
  2. 77/kombi/surfer

    77/kombi/surfer Well-Known Member

    Budgewoi N.S.W. AUSTRALIA
    Gday steve,
    There,s a lots of different styles of pop tops fitted on campers.
    So a few pics posted would be good so we could see which one you have.
    Also what year your car is as it will help out with what was fitted usually as well.
    The pop top usually has a black trim around the edge and is called pinch weld.
    This is available from clarke rubber stores by the meter ,also the under poptop hard plastic seal can be found there as well.
    Hope fully your replacing the canvas and fixing any rust issues whilst the tops off.
    You only want to do this job once as its a big one to do.
    hope this helps,
  3. iano6666

    iano6666 New Member

    Hi Guys - along similar lines - my pop top is on & fine- but its edge in the gutter - does this have to be sealed - along the edge & at both ends - or is to allow moisture to escape?
    Would an exterior gap filler be appropriate?
    Ta Ian

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