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Help with potential purchase please

Discussion in 'Buying and selling help' started by Ainsley101, Mar 5, 2019.

  1. Ainsley101

    Ainsley101 New Member

    Hi everyone,

    My first post on this forum and looking for advice on buying a kombi please.

    My mother has been talking about travelling in a kombi for a while now and over the weekend we happened to drive past a 68 in a paddock with pretty severe rust around the back window and the passenger side sills for 5k. I posted on fb and one of my car friends came back with another option being a 74 pop top. I have a few images but am yet to see the car myself yet.

    I know NOTHING about VW’s hence why I post here. The current owner wants 20k but is willing to drop to 15k. He also knows nothing about Kombi’s either but seems honest and genuine. As I said, I haven’t seen the car yet but I’m wondering (how long is a piece of string I know) if this is even in the ball park for a 74 pop top. It’s all very original apparently (even the curtains) and has two small rust areas (not sure if just surface rust) on the front floor pan from when the windscreen sat out of the vehicle for a time. Apart from that it definitely needs a good scrub over and comes with extras etc.

    I’m not a stranger to old cars (I have a 68 mini moke) and will obviously have a good look over and under the car. I’m not very handy around the engine bay but I’ve certainly had a go at the suspension bits and bobs inc cv joints. I am also not willing to do any body /rust removal myself.

    SO, if this kombi is actually as good as it sounds I.e. almost rust free original etc, running engine, what is a fair price? Is it worth 15k after a clean up? I think the engine is a 1600?

    As I said... I know NOTHING about kombi’s but am not totally helpless around old cars!

    Thanks in advance and yes I have briefly read some of this forum in regards to buying.

    6BA206C5-148E-4E45-B4C8-1F32058CB3B8.jpeg F8BCE112-ABDE-42B6-B5DD-7B1EBC6FA612.jpeg 7F88F51A-F46F-4B3C-8D43-863AB78FE125.jpeg DC49F78A-BBB9-4AB7-84E5-FC560D08E316.jpeg 3A9C1EC8-C95E-413A-B0E7-F198F58484B9.jpeg 6043DEB0-5D70-463E-84BB-23D1E71DFB08.jpeg 7785FC3F-4981-4CA3-868A-97FAF0C1E694.jpeg
  2. Mellow Yellow 74

    Mellow Yellow 74 Active Member

    If you don’t know anything about Kombis i would suggest that buying one that doesn’t have a steering wheel or steering column installed is probably not a great start.

    Also be careful with people who say they don’t know anything about their own car - it is much easier to say I don’t know than to admit there is a problem.

    Question - “Are Kombi’s meant to have steering wheels?”

    Answer - “I am not sure, I don’t know much about them”

    Real Answer - “I tried to fix it and broke the blinker switch which I know are impossible to find for a 74 so I will just leave it off and hope you have no idea”
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2019
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  3. Barry

    Barry Well-Known Member

    Abbotsford NSW
    On the upside - I “think” it’s a Devon
    Not your normal camper here in Australia and my guess is it would have been imported from overseas (UK?) at some time.

    Whilst the $15k is not outrageously high it is certainly no bargain.

    I would be concerned about past rego history and unless you had proof of past rego for the state you intend to register it in - I would pass

    There is a minimum of another $10k there easy to get it registered and it will still need more.

    If you plan on camping in the near future I would find a better one.

    If you spend $25k now you will be driving a lot earlier.

    If $15k is your upper budget, and this is a “one day” plan and you REALLY want a Devon .........
  4. Ainsley101

    Ainsley101 New Member

    Thanks MY, I should have expected a comment like that. The steering column is being re-installed this week along with the ignition AND steering wheel. Hope fully this will include the blinker switch. I should have mentioned that.

    And thanks Barry, certainly taken on board!
  5. Barry

    Barry Well-Known Member

    Abbotsford NSW
    Oh - g’day and welcome
  6. Burnstar

    Burnstar Member

    As Barry said decide on how soon you want to be driving it, if the answer is soon look at buying a registered one, if you want to drive this one soon then look at spending $10k (or a lot more) pretty quickly on it.
    I'm not sure if you can use that back seat to carry passengers, if you need to make it compliant (new seat, new belts anchor points etc) is prob $2K - $3k, paint job is another $10k - $20k to get someone to do it (assuming minimal rust)
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  7. cbus

    cbus Well-Known Member

    sunshine coast
    I'll play devils advocate.
    Mum wants to drive around Australia in a Kombi.
    I've found one which is unregistered and maybe a BOS.
    I know nothing about kombis.
    The owner denies knowing anything but wants top dollar for a non runner that he's just fitting a few lost bits back on.

    If I wasn't such a nice bloke I'd say check mums will and life insurance and go for it :)

    But being nice I'd say that at least you have some experience with old cars.

    Despite all that the photos don't look too bad.
    No serious rot obvious.
    ( But you will need a comprehensive check EVERYWHERE )

    Expect all mechanicals to need attn.
    Possibly paintwork.
    Interior fitout.
    Wiring sorting
    Check condition of canvas.
    Cost of any rust repairs.

    Looks a good base for a sympathetic Resto and could be worth 45k after you throw another 50k at it.?

    Depends a lot on what you expect and how much you can do yourself.
    Not being handy in engine bay or on body is sounding dangerous as that's where you are most likely to get gouged.

    For a bus for mum to go around Australia.... Buying a 30-35k bus will be cheaper.

    There is a steep learning curve becoming famiar with these beasts.
    Many leeches out there on the bandwagon of flipping and repairing.
    Many stories backing what I suggest about broken dreams if underprepared.

    Certainly worth a close inspection.
    Beware giving too much detail re its location.
    ( Plenty of flippers frequent forums)
    Take someone well versed in kombis with you.

    Happy to give opinion on detailed photos if it helps.
    Take plenty of photos to remind yourself of details later as you Mull it over with whoever views with you.

    I like its appearance so far.
    But use the head when assessing cost of getting into reliable condition for a long trip and accordingly setting price.

    Good luck
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2019
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  8. Wayne murray

    Wayne murray Well-Known Member

    Seven hills
    The photos you are showing are a 68 model kombi not a 74. It doesn't look to bad of a base car to start with if you are planning a resto. I would go with above :rolleyes:suggestions with paying more for a registered driving kombi rather then a projected that might never be finished any time soon.
  9. Ainsley101

    Ainsley101 New Member

    Thanks again everyone.. I think you’ve answered my question in regards to the price /value of this one.

    I’m not after another project especially if it’s over priced.

    I’ll start reading and keep looking.. no hurry for now!
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2019
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