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Horn Issue

Discussion in 'Bay Tech Clinic' started by Klaus Schroeder, Sep 8, 2021.

  1. Klaus Schroeder

    Klaus Schroeder Member

    Hi All, I know there has been a lot of discussions about horn problems , I have read them all but still confused. I have a late 74 Kombi. The horn never worked because the previous owner connected a air horn, now gone. The original horn is still there under the passenger side and does work. one wire connected to fuse box and another to ground. So what is the problem ? Well why is it that the ground wire where ever I touch metal the horn goes on ? I wouldn`t expect that.... correct me if I am wrong. I haven`t gone as far as the actual horn button on the steering wheel. Does this make sense ask questions please
    Regards Klaus
  2. Wiz

    Wiz Well-Known Member

    Near Ballarat
    Sounds like you may have hit the nail on the head?
    From your description my guess is a short circuit in the horn button or the wire to/from the button and the PO disconnected the horn to stop it sounding.
    Do you have a volt meter or 12 volt test light?
  3. grumble

    grumble Well-Known Member

    The horn has power all of the time that the ignition is on and earths through the contacts under the steering wheel, using a test light or voltmeter with the ign on both of the terminals should have power, pull the brown wire off and earth that terminal of the horn and it should blow. If this is the case you need to follow the circuit back to the horn button, the wire is most likely broken at the bottom of the steering shaft.
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2021
  4. Burnstar

    Burnstar Member

    The horn activates via the earth wire (vs providing 12v to it via a switch). I got the horn on my 74 to work for a year or so after reconnecting it but it started activating when turning the steering wheel, at this stage I think the steering tube is making contact with the steering sleeve or it is shorting with the ignition lock making contact and causing it to earth.

    Unfortunately I can't remove the ignition socket (I gave up trying) and the horn is back on the dash via a push button.
  5. Mordred

    Mordred Super Moderator Staff Member

    Penna, Hobart
    Can you put up a pic of your steering column. There is a difference in the 74 year where they changed the column and the 2 versions are quite different in wiring.

    The bottom cover on the later type column has no plastic ring and underneath it there is no spade connector. This one has a link cable that goes around the rubber coupling. If you have a late 74 it is what you should have. The earlier one is much more of a pain to fix.

    Here is a link that has pics of the 2 systems


    Have a look at that and see if that helps.

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  6. JaneC

    JaneC Active Member

    Lidsdale NSW
    Hello lovely Kombi Club peeps.

    It's Jane here, Dot's caretaker.
    It's been a while!

    Dot's toot isn't tooting. Auto Electrician says it is broken (?!) wants to put a thing on the dash, but I am trying to keep her 'traditional'. Apparently the parts are too hard to get? I just had a search on the Bus Stop but nothing that I can see. Thoughts?

    And Dot is a 1974 as well...

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