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Insuring With Shannons

Discussion in 'Kombi Club' started by melissa, May 9, 2010.

  1. syncro

    syncro Well-Known Member

    Southern Highlands
    Is it CIL's fault or the repairer?

    Many years ago I lost it with an NRMA employee. I lunged across the counter trying grab the arrogant pr**k. He would have been in a lot of pain and I would have been in a lot of trouble.
  2. shaven

    shaven Active Member

    Hi Lorraine... how did it compare with Shannons?
  3. ruby6689

    ruby6689 Well-Known Member

    Burnett Heads
    CIL and their ‘chosen repairer’ who stuffed us around for months. They wanted to put ‘Jayco’ windows in as they couldn’t find a supplier of the parts. I had 3 suppliers lined up in 24hrs. After waiting another couple of months CIL advised they were not happy with the quote so changed repairers. I got abused and told I would have to pay the first repairer for their time spent as I had changed repairer. They backed down quick when I told them that was CIL not me!
    The 2nd repairer, a friend of our case manager, took weeks to order parts then paid the wrong amount and did not follow up. We did as I knew where they were coming from, sorted that out then the parts sat on the docks for weeks waiting to be collected. It took less than 24 hours to actually repair the van.
    I am however still waiting for a part they forgot to order.
  4. syncro

    syncro Well-Known Member

    Southern Highlands
    Trying to pay a CTP early with Shannons is a drama. But ended up spending about dirty tree minutes on the phone with a helpful Irish girl talking about an upcoming holiday in Ireland.o_O
  5. shaven

    shaven Active Member

    Reading the last few pages... All ours + other things are insured with Shannons. I have asked them & other questions over the phone many times. When they refer me to the PDS, I politely tell them I am the paying customer so you tell me directly!!! When I get the answer I WANT, I then ask them to put that in an email to me. If they say they can not I then ask for their supervisor... basically either way I get the email with the wording I want... just in CASE!!!
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  6. cbus

    cbus Well-Known Member

    sunshine coast
    For people having issues re campers.
    Important to say you own a kombi because you are a car enthusiast.
    ie.. you bought it because its an old kombi and you do cruises, attend car shows etc. And you just like working on it, cruising. (Don't over do it:D . its just to establish your credentials as an enthusiast)
    Start by saying you want to insure your kombi before mentioning anything about camper.
    If fitted with gas cooker that may present a stumbling block even for number posted below. ?

    If a problem ask for supervisor.
    Try to sort it this way FIRST.

    If all else fails ring ...
    Allan Ogston
    Mobile. zero four 27 734311.
    Regional development officer.
    Wide bay

    He is not an underwriter ( doesn't actually issue insurance ) but if you convince him you are an enthusiast he will write a note to the issuing dept.
    Ok for all Au.
    Covers kombi campers and T3 no problem.
    Is happy for me to post this.

    Has real old car that he built himself so knows what its about.


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  7. melissa

    melissa Administrator Staff Member

    Newcastle NSW
    Read my post #158.

    It has been said many times in this thread.

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