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It was still a good trip………..

Discussion in 'Kombi Stories' started by GW2200, Dec 8, 2021.

  1. GW2200

    GW2200 Active Member

    In February this year wife, me and Syncro (got the order right) all embarked the Princess of Tasmania ferry to go to that obvious place. Syncro was squeezed in the bottom berth and we sat in reclining lounge chairs high above. A smooth trip. Saw treed land ahead, so confident we hadn’t overshot our destination and hit Antarctica. Headed down into the ferry’s bowel to re-unite with Syncro. Started the engine and it purred with a slightly throaty cackle, all was good. As I pulled the steering wheel Mr Murphy Law visited - Syncro behaved like a recalcitrant child and strongly resisted being turned. Jumped out, checked for flattened tyre(s) and obstacles, nope. Back in and realised I could still steer if I energetically engaged my spinach fed arm muscles (like Popeye). Turns within the hull were tight and sweat beads popped all over me as I guided Syncro onto land.

    Power steering pulley belt was normal, but discovered the pump’s shaft had shifted outwards and was no go. Removed the pulley belt to prevent shaft from disintegrating and cause big damage elsewhere. Tasmania did not have a VW 1989 T3 Syncro power steering pump in stock, I mean, shouldn’t it? Accepted what Mr Murphy Law imposed on us and told wife she would have a muscular hunk of a husband after 4 weeks of driving around twisty roads while fighting with the steering wheel at every turn - her response is a family secret. Managed to contact my Melbourne mechanic to send a pump over; would take a couple of weeks to source.

    Third week in and just shy of St Helens I pulled out of our free camping spot and onto the sealed road. Oh no, Mr Murphy Law was back - whrrr whrrr noise was coming from just under my bottom (no, it wasn’t the onions I ate). Checked under inside wheel arch area and spotted a collapsed lower wheel ball joint was rubbing the CV drive shaft. This was a no go on situation. Navigator, alias wife, rang RACV (Total Care) and Syncro was flat-bedded into St Helens. Melbourne mechanic sent part ASAP (pump came as well) to garage where Porsche trained and VW specialist mechanic fitted such. Last week of trip was bliss.

    Despite Syncro being in tip top condition and meticulously serviced it just goes to show as in Chuck Berry’s song - You Never Can Tell.
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