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Kombi Audio System

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Air Cooled V4, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. Air Cooled V4

    Air Cooled V4 New Member

    Uralla NSW
    Hi Everyone,
    Ive decided im going to put a decent audio system in my Kombi. im wondering where i should put the speakers and how many i should get. i dont want to get any sub woofers at the moment though. im open to any suggestions as im guessing you people know a lot more about this than i do. im 16 so like most teenagers i want a decent audio system but i dont want to go overboard with subs or anything. hope you people can help me. by the way it is a 1974 campervan so it has the cupboards.

    Cheers Patrick
  2. jon ward

    jon ward Active Member

    Travelling Australia
    First of all, buy quality speakers and a quality head unit.

    I prefer Pioneer H/Units cos they have the inbuilt MOSFET chip which is like a mini amplifier.

    I have Pioneer 6.5 3 ways in the front kick panels and Kenwood 7x10 3 ways under the rear seat.
    The 7x10's punch out some good bass,better than 6x9's any day of the week.

    I also run a Pioneer H/Unit.
  3. Alpal

    Alpal Moderator Staff Member

    Melbourne Bend of Islands
    Kombi's are noisy so the stereo will drown out the Kombi noise and the stereo will drown out the Kombi noise. Get an ipod and ear phones! Jimi on max works!
  4. Aspro

    Aspro Well-Known Member

    Stuck in the UK
    Just remember for a speaker to work effectively it should be boxed in a solid surface. Speakers in the kick panels alone won't give off enough sound to drown out the engine noises.

    Jon's set up with the 7x10's under the back seat is pretty good. The seat and kick panel provides a good box for the speakers to sit.

    Keep in mind you can spend hundreds on a great set of speakers but if they're not mounted correctly you may as well have spent $39 on a pair of audiolines.

    I would also be inclined to run the speakers off an amp mounted under the passenger seat.
  5. SunnyJim

    SunnyJim Well-Known Member

    carindale Brisbane
    all 4 thru an amp?

    question along this line

    i too am looking at improving my sounds

    my stereo is 4x50 watts , front speakers are already mounted in the front doors, I plan to put the back ones under the back RnR

    So If I buy a amp do I run only the 2 back speakers thru this or all 4?
  6. spearsy

    spearsy Active Member

    Run all 4 through an amp and you can set the gain through your amp to get maximum sound for varying speaker sizes.cheers Adam
  7. Radar15

    Radar15 Active Member

    Brisbane, Queensland
    If you want it to be loud you really need at least two pairs of speakers (I have one set of 6" and one pair of 6x9's) and they really need to be more than 350w if your going to be running them in a kombi without an amp, aswel as having a good head unit and maybe a good sub (I have a 1200rms sub mounted between the two front seats just to keep up)
  8. Das_Dubber

    Das_Dubber Member

    Gold Coast
    A setup which works extremely well for a number of Kombi's I have installed audio systems in includes;

    1 x pair 6.5in splits up front (ie woofer and tweeter separate with crossovers)
    1 x 10 or 12in sub in sealed enclosure under rear seat
    1 x 4 channel amp (2 channels bridged to sub, one channel to left front, one channel to right front)

    Having a sub enables you to tune (if your headunit allows) the splits up front to focus on mids and treble so you can leave the bass to the sub. This is not saying you have to crank the sub up doof doof style, it just means each speaker is playing a range of frequencies for which it is designed (hence making the system far more efficient) rather than having say 1 pair of 6 x 9's trying to replicate all frequencies.

    All depends on the budget you have, I suggest do some reading on:

    ...as the question is asked a hundred times "what components should I get for $X?"

  9. dbs

    dbs Member

    I've put 6" inch in the front kick panels and 6x9" in the up top blanket box up the back. I have also concidered in the kick panel under the rear seat but decided I didn't want to lose the storage space.

    check my restoration thread for pics.


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