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Magnetic Fly Screens

Discussion in 'Buying and selling help' started by STUPOT, Dec 3, 2019.


    STUPOT Member

    Hi, I've been trying to get hold of some well made magnetic fly screens for the sliding windows & rear door of our Kombi.
    Around 10 months ago I was directed to a lady member on here (Ruby) who was making them but since ordering the screens I've heard nothing about my order (I know she had some problems mid year & took a break) but in September I did get a message saying it would be a week or two & then back to normal. Does anyone know Ruby & know if all is OK, I don't want to keep pestering her if there are problems. I have messaged a few times but get no reply. I'm thinking I may need to find an alternative supplier, anyone have any suggestions / know if Ruby is OK & still making the screens or know of another supplier?
    I'm getting desperate. :rolleyes:o_O:rolleyes:

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