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My first bus drive/ride.....

Discussion in 'Members Rides' started by StevieVW, May 21, 2007.

  1. StevieVW

    StevieVW Well-Known Member

    Somerset, Tasmania
    On proceeding to buy a 1974 Microbus off ebay unseen.


    It was delivered to Alice and Warren's, but the first hurdle came when the seller just dumped it in the street which unfortunatly becomes a clearway between 7AM and 9AM.


    First and foremost I must thank Warren and Alice for Having me at their place.

    A super big thankyou to Pat for getting her into the yard;
    To Paul who went around and worked out what i'd need to get her safely on the road;
    To Marty who was so good as to drive me and Warren to Wolfgang's for the few bit's and peices i needed. And for stopping at Repco too. He was also going to pick me up until Woz and Alice showed up to take me home. Marty's bus was the first i'd ever been for a ride in so it was extra special!

    Next came replacing all the neccasary parts that i had purchased as well as brought with me.

    First i swapped the bus's carbi for the one out of my beetle which does not leak petrol out of the where the accelerator linkage connects, next came the fuel lines, when I removed the one off the fuel pumps out going side it broke clean in half. The fuel was leaking out of two places. The lines were weaping and the carbi leaked as much as it would have used I reacon. I also changed the coil as the one in it was putting out practically no spark.

    Next I ran the tune up procedure out of the John Muir book. The valves on cylinder 1 and 2 were spot on but 3 was too tight and 4 was just a little bit too tight for my liking so after adjusting them I changed the points and condensor. Then set the gap, then the timing. When I was testing why my oil pressure light wouldn't go i discovered that the positive terminal went to a square peice of copper plate which was like a connector which was half taped sitting on the engine tin. How this never managed to start a fire I'll never know......... Good thing Woz had that fire extinguisher ready when pat drove her into the yard!!!

    I'll post up a picture later on when i get one.

    We were ready to start; but the battery was flat. while poking around in the back i found that instead of putting the terminals on properly they were just sitting on there. No wonder it was so much trouble to start.

    We had to charge the battery since so many attempts had left little juice left; Thanks for the lend Paul.

    After getting the accellerator linkage in and the accellerator functioning the right way. I managed to start her.

    After a quick recheck of the lights I found one of my brake lights was out. So off i went to the servo to get one.

    I brought two globes(One for a spare) and one of them was the single fillament for the indicators/reverse. After that was sorted i had my first go of driving; Just reversed it around the back ready for my drive through melbourne.

    After Alice got home from work Paul + Christine pulled up about 30s later. We chatted for a while then we departed.


    Alice in the Astra then me then Paul and Christine. They kept the Melbourne tail gaters away from me. What an experience driving through Melbourne and it wasn't even through the city centre........ Never have i been so scared of driving..... But after we got there it wasn't so bad since i had someone to follow and someone following me! We missed a turn off and so pulled up a side street and found a light blue bay camper. I now followed the purple Kombi to the boat. And what a relief it was to pull into the station pier.

    Here's me hiding the minor(OK major) ding in the front end.


    After many thanks and goodbye's were said. I made my way to the terminal to board. I was so relieved again when I made it on with just the permit! Alice, Christine, Paul and Warren waved right up until myself and but was on board the spirit. I tried to get right up the top to wave some more but there was no access to the far front of the ship.

    And here we go about to depart Melbourne.


    After I'd parked and got to thinking I got this strange feeling that I hadn't put the hand brake on. I remember doing it but I felt like I'd left it off. I went to bed early, and at about midnight i woke up an decided to sleep on the floor. Those chairs are so uncomfortable to sleep in I'll never use them again.

    Anyway continuing on, when I got in my bus the next morning I i found that i had put the park brake on. And obviously worring about nothing. I was a bit concerned that I couldn't warm my bus up because you had to wait until you were about to move. So with much pumping of the accelerator I made it off and to the quarintine station where one of the dogs jumped in and had a bit of a sniff around. I then left the terminal but pulled up out side the gate up the street a bit to check up on the engine temp. It was running as Cool as a Cucumber.

    I then I started making my way to Burnie then on to Somerset. I Now can appreciate why kombi's are overtaken so often. There was a pretty strong head wind too so i was maxed out at 80kmph and even P plater's were overtaking me. I just stayed in the left lane and took it easy. I had to go back to 2nd on one particularily steep hill since i didn't have enough momentum going. Half way through I pulled over and she was still running really well. Nice and cool. Thanks to peices of Wogers old engine seal that i scavenged from the back yard.

    When I made it to Burnie I rocked up to work to pick up some of that POR-15 I had ordered last week. I've read it somewhere and now i believe it; everyone has a story about a kombi that they or their friend had. One of my crew leaders used to have one that he and a mate went halves in.

    After that I made my way home. Our road isn't very Kombi freindly with numerous steep hills and lots of sharp and sweeping corners. But it is out of the way and there's not much traffic. ANd you can make noise into the shed late into the night..... As I plan to be doing.

    I haven't decided on a name yet. But I'm pretty sure that I'll keep her the original orange; or mellow yellow but I'm leaning towards something like Marty's orange with white roof.

    And on a side note the more observant of you will have noticed that I have one wheel rim a different colour to the rest. While we were looking at the bus we found wout why when we got the spare tyre out which seemed ok on first inspection, just flat. But when i lifted it out we discovered it would need far more than a puncture repair..........


    Warren took heaps more photo's which can be found Here

    Edit: After driving for about 20 minutes the brakes started to squeak. Driving me and Woz up the wall.... but when i got off the boat thismorning they'd stopped i reacon it's just a pad but I'll get to that in the not too distant future.

    I'm going to try and find out a bit of her history. And I'll let you know what I find out.

    Last edited: May 21, 2007
  2. kyznet

    kyznet Active Member

    Ashgrove 4060
    That's a great read Steve, and the picture of you and the smile on your face is priceless.

    Well done again to Woz, Alice, Paul and Marty (hope I didn't forget anybody) for rallying around to help you out. Look forward to hear more about the work you do on it.

    Oh, and the dint is hardly noticeable! Especially if you stand in front of it all the time. :)
  3. Alice in Kombiland

    Alice in Kombiland Well-Known Member

    Great to see you got home:)
    I really did think it would take a miracle.....and what do you know...miracles do happen. Now the fun can really start. Have fun playing with your bus.
  4. kombimatt

    kombimatt Active Member

    Dodges Ferry, TAS
    Safe and sound


    Great story to follow this one. Great to see you got home safely and great to read about the fantastic KC support that made it happen. You must be a happy Kombi owner on both fronts.

    Keep us posted with any spruce up that you do.
  5. Marty

    Marty Active Member

    Sunny Melbourne
    I'm glad you got her home without too many dramas. Let us know how you get on with her, she'll make a great project!
  6. StevieVW

    StevieVW Well-Known Member

    Somerset, Tasmania
    Check out resto corner for the latest development......
  7. Christina

    Christina New Member

    Burnie, Tasmania
    That's My Nephew!!!

    Good One Steve!! You did real good to go over there and get her back! And yes, the photo of you with the big smile on your face says it all, I'm really proud of you!! Hey Everyone...Stevie's My Nephew!!!:)
  8. Joels73 Panel

    Joels73 Panel Active Member

    Somerset, Tasmania
    Nice one Steve she's a Beauty. Somerset will be rockin soon two Bay's
  9. StevieVW

    StevieVW Well-Known Member

    Somerset, Tasmania
    thats right. when do you get yours?
  10. chopper

    chopper New Member

    south of goldy
    That's a great story-keep us informed!!! Glad to see you made it safely. Will follow the resto with interest!
  11. Nashies

    Nashies New Member

    I know that this is an old post and all but.... make that 3 bays in Somerset now! :) Unless you guys have moved! :)
  12. understanding_mercury

    understanding_mercury Member

    Somerset, Tasmania
    I think we almost have enough members to start a Somerset branch of the KC! Welcome, Nashies :)

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