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New ‘74 Kombi

Discussion in 'New Members' started by Stormin12345, Apr 17, 2021.

  1. T1 Terry

    T1 Terry Well-Known Member

    Mannum South Australia
    The other thing is make sure you have good crankcase ventilation. I added a breather into the oil filler cap to the air filter.
    Because my Kombi runs LPG I could plumb the original engine breather in after the venturi for the LPG feed because that makes a slightly lower air pressure than atmospheric. The crankcase air flow now in down through the oil filler and out through the original breather and creates a slight negative pressure in the crankcase. Once I sorted the bolt hole leak, this really settled the oil leak problems that seem to be part of owning an air cooled engine. My poor 1800 gets driven hard, partly because the LPG allows it to rev a lot cleaner and keep a lot cooler ... well, until it freezes the converter, air cleaner cross over pipe and the carbies .... then I have to switch back to petrol while it all melts so I can switch back to LPG :lol: We do get some looks when we pass B Doubles while towing a trailer :cool:

    T1 Terry

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