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Newcastle area

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ProCactus, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. ProCactus

    ProCactus New Member

    Hey people :)

    Im still getting used to my new found Kombi, I haven't gone camping as the name suggests, But Ive found a few over-night spots which are fairly quiet around Newcastle area.

    The Hill -
    The first is between Bar Beach(Merewether) and Nobbys, More on the side of Bar Beach.
    If on High street, Go straight to the look out.
    If on Memorial Drive , Turn right on high street.
    There is another road that joins the cross road, But most if not everyone will NOT be coming from this direction, Its called (on my GPS) 'The Trc', If you find your self on this path turn left at the end of it(Corner of High and Memorial).
    GPS = Lat -32.936695, Long 151.776459
    *** It a quiet spot passed midnight, If you can get yourself close to the radio tower(Its a receiver as far as i can tell from the antenna, So you wont get fried)and hopefully bothered by hoons.
    ** There are 2 wheelie bins but no showers.
    * preferably one night only.

    Stockton -
    This is an peninsular NOT an island. It has an old style heritage to most buildings on and around the main street. It has a small shopping complex and an original feel about the main street.
    The are many spots to camp around the perimeter of the peninsular probably more than 10?
    The furthermost point in Stockton is the end of Mitchel Street, This is where a ferry goes from Newcastle(Civic, Civic very close to the CBD, and back every hour or so.
    ** I found a tap at IGA(I think) that let me fill a few bottles of water(Normal taphead).
    * One point of interest I found is
    GPS Lat -32.895843 Long 151.733630

    Mount Sugar Loaf - (I been here once, Tried twice)
    Once you find the turn off and follow the main road your there youn cant go wrong.
    From Newcastle(or Wallsend) Get on to George Booth Drive, Turn left on to Mount Sugarloaf Road. In a few K's your there.
    From West of Newcastle, Find Mt Sugarloaf Rd, then turn Right.
    You should find a small round-about, And your free to do in any direction.
    Turn left at the round about and continue forward about 100m, You should be able to point a laser at my NO.1 (The Hill) Spot.

    4. This is probably one of the best in Maitland, About 27Kms west from Newcastle. (I lived in Maitland for many years), And many years later this is the best still the best quiet spot. This is a very quite spot apart from a certain activities, Like Remote Control Competitions. Otherwise its a very easy place to camp. It offers an enormously large place to choose from. Simply turn off the highway heading from Newcastle into Maitland, Drive up the tar road which goes to dirt, Then simple pick your spot.
    Its very quiet.
    (sorry about the vague discription, but i have to leave righty now)

    Ill finishinsh this later,

    What i want to start is a thred about where people go for one or two night tripps in there local area ??

    Cheers Dan :)
  2. vannin

    vannin Member

    Thanks Dan youve given me some ideas:)
    We are around cessnock area but always looking for more places to stop overnight.

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