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North QLD!!! Yeah!!

Discussion in 'QLD' started by Phyerfly, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. Phyerfly

    Phyerfly New Member

    Gold Coast, QLD
    I went up to Nth qld for the eclipse last year and the rest stops up there are bloody awesome... Free!!! Most of them are from 24hour up to a week... With showers and fresh water.... They are clean and have undercover picnic tables with BBQ... Some have hot water in the shelters to..... Why can't we have that every where? When I went up the roads we awesome but since the bad weather I hope they are still good... I also found having a UHF was very handy.... Ch 40 and you can contact most truckies who appreciate getting a warning on speed and so on.... Up there I am known as "the little white kombi" and the truckies were grateful for me saying that my speed was 90kms and will let them pass when safe..... In my whole trip I only had 1 truckie who tailgated me and after 4 times on UHF I tapped my brakes and he got onto his UHF and blasted me and within 10 sec 4 or 5 other truckies got on their UHF's and blasted him cos they all heard me telling him to get off my ass..... Lol.... Love em......in other words I had an AWESOME TRIP with no hassles with road or engine but just outside mackay rock hit original windscreen and was stuck in mackay for 3 days.... Shannon's and RACQ were great. Hope you have a good time up there... Happy and Safe travels to all.;)
  2. saabman

    saabman Well-Known Member

    Thats awsome you had a great trip and no serious hassels.
  3. nikferatu

    nikferatu Active Member

    Bracken Ridge, Brisbane
    Plenty of adventures to be had for the kombi enthusiast in FNQ, I loved it up there too!
  4. istinkgood

    istinkgood Member

    awesome place, awesome people,cairns and Townsville are a little city like but inbetween is just fantastic,,you can pull up and stay nearly where ever you like, there isn't anyone up here to tell you to move on ,maybe the occasional nazi who thinks they work for the councils and own the joint. it is fantastic to see where the rainforest meets the reef at mission beach and also the cassowary's,,if you haven't been up here you should try to but do it in winter as summer up here is like living in a hot box 24/7
  5. kombi-man

    kombi-man Member

    Summer is not that bad, you get use to it.
    The best thing is not to turn on the Aircon, you become a slave to it.
    A definite lifestyle choice, it's not like Canberra Toto:)
    The coast is great from Makay north, every one loves that part of the world, but if you head inland a bit there are even more great places to see.
    If you are comuing back south from Cairns head inland to Mareeba, Aterton Table lands,Tinaroo Dam, Down the Kenedy Hwy Mt Garnet through to Chartes Towers, some great scenery, and history, theres a bunch of old WW2 training camp sites as well as Warm Natural Springs (can't remember the name) waterfalls, creek crossings and good friendly locals.
    I did it in the wet (Big we of Jan '97) it was great (come to think of it, we had to use the Kenedy because the road between Cairns and Townsvill was flooded, none the less, I would do it again)
  6. MickH

    MickH New Member

    Gotta love it up here... :)

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