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NT2K Bussfest 2018 Finland

Discussion in 'Event Discussion' started by T3Syncro, Apr 29, 2018.

  1. T3Syncro

    T3Syncro Member

    NT2K Bussfest will be arranged in Finland this year!

    Date: 20–22 July 2018
    Location: Hovimäki Camping, Somero, Finland (about 100 km from Helsinki and Turku)

    Nordiska typ 2-klubben (NT2K), i.e., the Nordic Type 2 Club, is an international association for enthusiasts of Volkswagen buses, vans and campers of all ages. The Bussfest is the club’s main show, organised in Sweden since 2002 as well as in other Nordic countries in recent years. People come from various countries, as far as Germany and the Netherlands, to see buddies and meet new ones, to show off and admire buses and to take it easy. The peaceful family event includes activities such as

    • Bus Push for teams of adults and kids
    • People’s Choice for the best vehicles (T1–T6)
    • Quiz walk with questions for kids and adults
    • Long table – on Saturday, let’s line up those camping tables and dine together
    • While in Finland, the sauna is a must [​IMG]
    • Sales of show and club merchandise at the info tent
    • Annual General Meeting and prize ceremony on Sunday
    • A cruise to finish off the show, after which it is convenient to head home, continue your holiday or return to camp
    NOTE! Bussfest 2018 will take place one week before Finnish Volkswagen Association’s main event, Bug in Finn, which gives our international visitors an excellent opportunity to combine the two shows in one road trip.

    Welcome to Bussfest 2018 in Finland – and happy planning!

    Hannu Jaskari


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