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OG interior lights

Discussion in 'Interior' started by OberonViking, Oct 1, 2021.

  1. OberonViking

    OberonViking Well-Known Member

    Bathurst, NSW
    How do you open these to replace the globes? It seems brittle so I don’t want to crack it unnecessarily.

    Do you know of LED replacement globes?

    Is this light early bay? IIRC the late bay lights are rectangular. I have a 1973 bus
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  2. oldman

    oldman Super Moderator Staff Member

    Avalon Beach NSW
    Should just pull down, out of the roof lining if it’s anything like the late bay ones
    Similarly, the globe is accessed from the top of the fitting.
    Yes, there are 12v festoon pattern led units available.
    Jaycar electrical is a good place for anything 12v led. Take your old globe so they can match length.
  3. Wayne murray

    Wayne murray Well-Known Member

    Seven hills
    Yes they are early bay style interior light, I normally can get my finger on the metal side (near the switch) Push side ways, on the metal section which moves the light slightly and able you to get a finger on that metal section to pull down. (better purchase) Or use a small flat bladed screwdriver might also help and support with the other hand to get it to come down.
    It will be brittle and with a crack already in it, and hasn't been out for a while doesn't help. Be as gentle as possible.
    I've got an aftermarket one I can send to you if it ends up in two.
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  4. OberonViking

    OberonViking Well-Known Member

    Bathurst, NSW
    Thanks for the tips. It cracked anyway, but I’ll worry about that when I do something about the headliner. The second one has had all its trim removed. D4DDB6F3-EE79-4D46-8725-0CA0953EE4F9.jpeg A84D116A-8A8F-4127-B681-45A1D3823444.jpeg 56FC443F-EA71-42C3-ABF0-F28AF5EE5E9F.jpeg

    I included photos here of both lights removed the for next guy.

    I replaced the globes with LED ones = now very bright. From Jaycar at $13 each.
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