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Oils ain't oils!!!!

Discussion in 'Performance' started by auschook, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. AC-T3

    AC-T3 Well-Known Member

    Woy Woy
    Hi, I run REPSOL Elite Super 20W50 mineral which has been recommended by 2 knowledgeable gentlemen (my engine builder and an ex-LPG fitter who has the dyno in his workshop floor). It is VW 500.01 compliant has about 2000ppm ZDDP, 1 measure of detergent and seems to work OK in a stock Type 4 motor. I am told this oil can be used to bed down new camshafts too! REPSOL has not been easy to find here in OZ but is now available on-line from Moorebank and is priced right (it is cheaper via a local agent - but they are not advertised as such). In trying to understand why "oils ain't oils" I stumbled on this explanation by Joe Gibbins Racing at http://www.drivenracingoil.com/news/dro/training-center/articles/zinc-in-motor-oil/ and according to Joe, oils definitely ain't oils and modified/non standard engines need a modified/non standard oil.

  2. spearsy

    spearsy Active Member

  3. chewtah

    chewtah Guest

    Id be changing the oil in a 1600 pretty often then!
  4. chewtah

    chewtah Guest

    In an old car I had, a Fiat, I put a oil pressure gauge in it, and you would be surprised how the oils drop off as far as pressure goes after a few miles on the oil.
    Starting cold it would be high and stay high while the oil was good, but the pressure would start high but go low after the oil got old, sometimes surprisingly quick, but it was still clean!
    Some other oils kept heir pressure after they got older. Worth having a pressure gauge.

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