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Perth Service?

Discussion in 'Performance' started by Jock Dunkley, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. Jock Dunkley

    Jock Dunkley New Member

    Gday Kombi champs.
    Unfortunately, I am not the owner of a kombi. But I have recently bought an Oztrike that has a Volksy 1600 motor.
    Having almost zero mechanical knowledge myself, I thought it best to ask the gurus.
    Can anyone suggest a VW lover mechanic in Perth who can service my machine and offer advice on best performance ? Is currently running ok. Couple small oil leaks and a flat spot that I suspect is carb related. I'm told it's a Weber but that doesn't really mean much to me. The dude who sold it to me said to regularly adjust the tappets. -again, that's Chinese to me.
    Thanks for any advice.
  2. Grantus

    Grantus Well-Known Member

    Southern ACT
    Welcome to the Kombi Club Jock! :)

    Not all members here actually own Kombis, (yet), and I'm sure a local VW service mechanic will be forthcoming, from a local cluey member. ;)

    You may soon feel the urge to sell your other daily ride, to pursue Kombi ownership, if you hang around here too long.........to then really enjoy the ride! ;)
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  3. cbus

    cbus Well-Known Member

    sunshine coast
    Sounds like you dont need any old dropkick learning on your toy and talking BS.
    Im sure Gazman will post up his work details.
    Best info you can get.
    Also worth turning up to the meets at "Alberts" monthly vw meets for a dose of general vw indoctrination.

  4. Jock Dunkley

    Jock Dunkley New Member

    For sure. Will be keen to rub shoulders with enthusiasts. Thanks Col.
  5. Barry

    Barry Well-Known Member

    Abbotsford NSW
  6. cbus

    cbus Well-Known Member

    sunshine coast
    Given your professed mechanical knowledge it would be good to have Garth do a full asessment and get everything in order.
    Who knows what the general condition is. Could be good or hobbled together.
    Not suggesting that there is an issue.
    Advice from prev owner is sound.
    A valve adjustment check and oil change is done each 5k km.

    Normaly I would advise caution giving carte blanche to mechanics as there are many varying from genuine old school trained to outright crooks who profess to be experts.
    Finding good ones can be problematic.
    Not so with Garth.
    The vw engine can be very reliable / require minimal work if it was built well and is properly sorted and maintained.

    Regardless it would still be worth understanding what and where everything is and learning how to fix basic issues at least.
    Not that hard and can be rewarding.
    Mainly just becoming familiar and learning a few techniques.
    That way advice can be given if required as we are closer to talking the same language although advice can be varied and difficult done remotely.
    In reality nothing matches having someone suitably qualified actualy looking at the beast.

    Run thru the technical sections for references to sites such as



    Auto club recovery cover considered a must ;)
  7. gazman

    gazman Well-Known Member

    Perth WA
    Hi Jock, as Col's been hinting (my ears were burning again ;)) I work at a vw friendly service centre in Rockingham - we could definitely give it a health check and advice for maintenance/improvements etc. If Rocko is too far south for you try the Vee Dub Centre in Osbourne Park, they do good work too.
    Our shop details are - Motortrend 48 Hurrell way Rockingham 08 95286555 Gary is the boss, tell him I sent ya :D Oh and we are closed for the holidays from 23rd - 9th
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2016
  8. Tangles

    Tangles Well-Known Member

    On the road somewhere
    If Gazman is too far south, there are three others in Perth from my time there.

    Gerrykay mechanical at morley.
    Lang motors , Bayswater.
    V-dub service and spares, Fremantle.
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