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Pics of the KC Qld/NSW Camping Tallebudgera

Discussion in 'Queensland/Northern NSW' started by The Dub Driver (Byronbug), Dec 9, 2007.

  1. Marty

    Marty Active Member

    Sunny Melbourne
    Thanks Glen, feel free to take any of the photos you like, just PM me your email if you want the full-size ones (3002x2002)
  2. The Brewmaster

    The Brewmaster New Member

    Moffat Beach
    Roy, Roy, Roy......

    Roy, Roy, Roy......
    I have two points of contention as we could not make it on the weekend...
    1. Good to see you are SUNSMART!!!!!! Remember this is not Skegness....this is SE Qld!
    2. PINK, PINK, PINK!!!!! No matter what you say it matches your sunburn and that's not peach but PINK!

    Roy, Roy, Roy......
    Cheers from two disappointed KC members
  3. Deb, check Mr Percival for an oil leak, I was getting spray on the windscreen following you guys home, i thought it was just off wet patches in the road but when i pulled up at the servo it was fresh wet oil.[/QUOTE]

    yeah Mr P has got a wee leak.... David did some work on the leak through the week but it seems hes sprung a bigger one... "theres a hole in the bucket, dear elizah, dear elizah :) ) but hath no fear as Dr Dave will repair...

    Mr P marked his territory on the "1st" camp site we were at... i'd say it was in response to them telling him to move:D

    that would've really pissed them off as it was a "brand new" cement site and apparently "the richy's" who come in the winter do not take kindly to oil marks in their annex area.

    Theres a good boy Mr Percival :D
  4. [​IMG]

    SURE LOOKS PINK HERE..............
  5. [​IMG]

    AND HERE............
  6. [​IMG]
    Roy or 'Pink Buddha"

    AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST....... HERE!!!!! :D :D
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2007
  7. Kombigal

    Kombigal Member

    The Galah in disguise


    Looks about as puse pink as my sunglasses that it stole when nobody was looking. Bad galah, bad galah.

    Face it Roy your bus is pink so build that bridge and get over it. And after you build it paint it pink to match your bus!!


  8. woohoo Mardigra here she/he comes :D
  9. BargeArse

    BargeArse Active Member

    Ebbw Vale, QLD
    And it seems that everyone else has photographic evidence to back the argument up nicely. Open and shut case, me thinks!

    Good-o. I wondered where that went. It's actually one of my housemate's Mum's fishing chair from her van so I prolly should get it back at some stage. Hmmm... me thinks a trip down to check out Nimbin and its surrounds is in order. Especially now as I've got Daisy all roadworthied up and registered now. What say ye, Lorraine?

    Moving that tent from one end of the van park to the other was very amusing. Particularly when we were working out what to do if a car came the other way. Kieran had the idea of lifting it up over and letting them drive underneath - to which a lady driving a late model Pulsar or Lancer sedan suggested we do after we'd hastily scurried out of her way to let her past! Good times.
  10. ruby6689

    ruby6689 Well-Known Member

    Burnett Heads
    Hey BargeArse the chair is at home here, anytime you want to come down to Nimbin just PM me and we will arrange to meet and get your chair back to you.......Lorraine
  11. Schmoburger

    Schmoburger Active Member

    Nowra/Jervis Bay area, NSW.
    Hey Lorraine, say howdy to the other peeps in the shop for me next time you're in there! :cool: :D

    Damn I love Nimbin people!

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