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Red oil light flashes when idling

Discussion in 'Engine & Transmission' started by Midlifecrisis, May 20, 2009.

  1. whoaNellie

    whoaNellie New Member

    Mornington Peninsula
    The main cause is the oil having a lesser viscosity when heated up, when the engine is cold the oil is thicker and creates more pressure at start up than it does when hot. When the oil gets hot and thins out a bit ,combined with a low idle when stopped or turning at intersections the pressure may drop below the point that the switch needs to stay open and thus keep the oil light off, as long as the oil level in the motor is ok your oil pump will still keep sufficient pressure to keep things going till you put your foot down again ! I will only worry if it wants to stay on all the time or if your cruising at speed and suddenly comes on !
  2. velvet green

    velvet green Member

    midlifecrisis....you stated it has done over 300 000.....it has already proved to be a good bus....good ones deserve pampering.....go all new where possible.......If you intend on keeping it do it right once and you will never regret it....

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