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Revolks 2012

Discussion in 'Victoria' started by VanAime, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. VanAime

    VanAime Active Member

    Primate Gully Vic.
    Too tired from having lived through another Revolks and having such a blast so no pictures tonight, however I'd like to thank Doc and Rosco for another superbly organised week-end. They do a fantastic job. Same for everyone else who pitched in to make it such a memorable occasion.

    Thanks also to the people who joined us this year. What a fantastic crowd!! It was great to see so many new faces as well as the more familiar ones and wow, has Revolks grown!! I met some new people and had a great times exercising my vocal cords in my usual quiet manner :lol:

    Hopefully someone who is much better at taking pics than I am will start putting up their Revolks shots soon so that everyone who was unfortunate enough to miss the event this year will get a taste of what they'll enjoy at Revolks 2013:D

    Another top Revolks!!
  2. vwfreak03

    vwfreak03 Well-Known Member

    Hobart, Tasmania
    Cant wait!!

    Couldnt make it this year due to work but will make it next year with a bit of luck
  3. Mordred

    Mordred Super Moderator Staff Member

    Penna, Hobart
    We made it home yesterday, most likely the last of the group to make it home from this event. Worth all of the effort to come to it and I highly recommend it to everyone for next year. Once again Milly took us there and back with me worrying needlessly and listening unnecessarily to every sound and movement. We have had a magic holiday with so many special memories, including my first ride in a splitty. (I wonder if I can make some safari's for the bay). Going to be hard to come down and back to normal. Many thanks to Doc and Rosko for organising the event and Doc and Kaye for giving us somewhere to sleep for a couple of nights, and for taking Monday off to give us a tour of their city. Thanks also to Doc, Frank and Choco for all their work on Saffy. We have been humbled by the generosity of these three people who have managed to bring a very basic and rusty bus with a blown engine up to a weekend camper once more.

    On a sad note Saffy didn't quite make it all the way home with all of the oil getting dumped out of the engine 50k out of Devonport. Thankfully Karina turned her off as soon as the oil light flashed, and most of the oil was dumped after she had stopped. We are working on what happened and where to go next, but the likely things should not be too bad to fix, just a little longer. At least she is at home now, and Karina can say she has really got the most out of her RACT membership.

    Got to get up and get ready for work, and I hope I mentioned everyone.


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