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Rivers Edge Camping Grounds - Awesome :D

Discussion in 'Tas' started by Frankie, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Frankie

    Frankie New Member

    Hobart Area

    Great camp grounds all sites are huge and front onto the river. The cleanest camp facilities I have used, even the long drops!!! The grounds are clean and exactly as the photos show. I was expecting to get down there to over used sites with little grass. The hosts were incredible, making us feel welcome and checking in with us on day 2, they were particularly helpful on day 3 when one of our fellow campers (Ford driver) had completely drained her battery. First they came down with jumper leads when that failed they made some calls to their mechanic son for tips and with what appeared to be no hassle at all removed a battery out of one of their own vehicles and got her car going.

    The cricket pitch is unpredictable and seems to suit the bowlers, plenty of bounce.

    Apart from the drive up the Southern outlet the road is really good, even on the last section which is gravel.

    We will be heading back on our next run of days off. In fact I want to live here.

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