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Roof Lining

Discussion in 'Interior' started by amp2104, Feb 4, 2021.

  1. amp2104

    amp2104 New Member

    Sunshine Coast
    74 bus. Has anybody recently had a new hood lining done? Costs? Is it something that you can DIY? Anybody know of an upholsterer on the Sunshine Coast that could do it? Sorry, lots of Q's.
    Thanks Andy.
  2. omelette81

    omelette81 Active Member

    Sunny Coast
    Gadennes Triming, Caloundra West did 1 last year a full interior and will b doing mine when the body work is done. Plenty of years under his belt and can show you photos of previous works
    John Gadenne 0412098723
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  3. 77/kombi/surfer

    77/kombi/surfer Well-Known Member

    Budgewoi N.S.W. AUSTRALIA
    a lot of work to dyi install a new headlining. Worth while to pay the experts for a good finish. Expect around $1000, $1500 with windows out and the side wall paper put in an re install the windows again.
  4. Wayne murray

    Wayne murray Well-Known Member

    Seven hills
    Are you wanting a full microbus headlining or cab headlining only or you have a camper?
    You have several options. TMI do a kit to either fit yourself or get a trimmer to fit.
    Cab only wouldn't be to bad on your own.
    Microbus full headlining you might need to phone a friend ,organise a slab of beer, contact glue, dog clips and a heat gun. All windows and interior out would be best.
    Problem with TMI is the headlining is in a box so they will have creases which a DIY may not have the tricks of the trade to get them out. You would have to leave out of box a while to try and help get the creases out.
    You want new rubbers and also be ready to put windows in as soon as possible after the headlining is in.
    Personally I would have a trimmer make one from scratch and have it fitted.
    My microbus cost $1500,from a trimmer, mine is done differently then original with all joins around windows are sewn together instead of folded and glued.
    Platinum I have heard do nice work little travel for you, worth a look.
    Phone: 0424 873 532
    Address: 20 Bertana Dr, Mudgeeraba QLD 4213
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