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Ryco - Universal Fuel filter Replacement

Discussion in 'Performance' started by SeanH, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. SeanH

    SeanH Member

    Can anyone Recommend better or see any issues with mounting this, i haven't read the fuel requirements for my Type 4 2.0L EFI
    Only $79 for the initial housing and replacement filters only $12
    • Nominal flow rate 40-45 litres per hour through element. Note: the internal diameter of inlet and outlet fittings (eg, brass fittings) can alter flow rates, however maximum flow rate is determined for the R2132P element.
    • R2132P – 18 nominal micron.
    • Fuel line pressure not to exceed 206kPA/30psi.
    • Water resitant silicone coated filter media provides maximum effiicienty, life and flow for all fuels.
    • Cast alloy head assembly.
    • Head comes with two blanking plugs in one inlet and outlet port. For a single fuel line, change port plugs for left-hand or right-hand mounting.
    • Bleed screw provided at the highest point of housing.
    • Simple thumb screws.
    • Recommended filter change period is when flow rate causes starvation or every 100 hours.
  2. Blunderbus

    Blunderbus Active Member

    St Helena, Melbourne .
    Overkill for a Kombi , something that is more usually fitted to diesel vehicles.

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