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Should i expect amazing things?

Discussion in 'Kombi Club' started by butternut, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. butternut

    butternut Member

    hey folks,

    My Butternut been sitting under the carport for last 3 months since i was told she needs extensive work done to her. An initial inspection revealed a sticky valve which i was told should result in 2 new heads and other vital parts (depending on a further internal assesment).

    2Ltr 78 bay

    So before the real work begins, and the cash starts dissappearing, i am wandering:-

    How much work can or should be done for my $5000 budget.
    How much would i expect to pay for 2 new heads? also cranks, cams and barrell kits etc
    what should i expect to get for my money from a successfully run mechanic doing everything. I can only assume he will mark up parts.
    How much mark up on parts is the norm? ... how about hourly mechanic labour rates?

    What performance can i expect from 2 new heads. She was always a bit sluggish (33 yr old engine), but will i now get anymore noticeable HP?
    What else can i do to get a bit more power, and strength out of her?
    Should i be expecting amazing things for $5000 or should i just be expecting a kombi that runs ok for the next oh so many years?

    Im sure you get the jist. basically, any last minute advise for me or questions i should ask my mechanic (roger @ VWsouthside, brisbane) before launching him into this would be awesome

    Eyes wide opened,

    Thanks KC


    What sort of questions should i be askingmy mechanic
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  2. Dubman

    Dubman Well-Known Member

    Hi Toby, I too have the 2ltr and recently had a stuck valve and some seriously FUBAR carbies, full top end re-build, under $3500 with dyno tune, reco heads, new ringsand the carbs re-built etc car runs like magic now.
    For $5000 I could have gotten a new h/performance crank and bigger carbs with that.
    My Mechanic advised an upgrade to a Petronix ignition which I of course agreed with (having had one before i killed it) that was extra of course. he also had me return after 500ks for a check up and re-tune/adjust and another oil change cost l, that was standard service charge.
    Depends on your mechanic too though.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2011
  3. Parras

    Parras Member

    Hi Toby,
    I've just been through this too. Started off with a valve fault, then further inspection found the cam had excessive wear also. End result was a full rebuild. I was quoted about $4600 that was to have it converted to hydraulic lifters and electronic ignition. Just be prepared for the little extras like engine mounts, oil, filters, nuts/bolts, sensors etc believe me they all add up, my final bill was just over $5000.
    End result is it now starts first kick, quiet, no cabin fumes, climbs hills and keeps up with traffic. Hp has improved but its still no street machine (my wifes camry would flog it).
    I'm worried if I push it to hard something else will give in (gearbox or CVs).
    Good luck
  4. Friedo

    Friedo Member

    Kincumber NSW
    Hey Mick
    Out of interest - where did you have your work done?

  5. Dubman

    Dubman Well-Known Member

    But a Camry is in no way as cool!

    Before Rebuild - Mt Ousley was just a dream :cry:
    After my rebuild - Not only did I conquer it I was over taking up hill!!!! :D
  6. Parras

    Parras Member

    Wayne Penrose VW, he is very knowledgeable and a respected VW mechanic in the wollongong area.
  7. butternut

    butternut Member

    Fantastic replies! would love to hear more from people that have recovered from valve dramas. Thats the first i've heard on ignitions. what are the benifits of an electronic ignition? what type of ignition does the type 2 typically have as is?

    ...and hydraulic lifters... what do they lift exactly?

    I noticed Dubman68 mentioned a petronix ignition, will look into it, but how about names of other recomended parts.

    Are there several companies that make 2ltr kombi heads, cranks, cams, carby's etc
    What ones are comonly or highly recomended?

    Lots of questions i know, but i'l have you all to thank when my butternut is tearin the streets up again at full force!

    thanks again
  8. saabman

    saabman Well-Known Member

    I have pertronix ignition fitted in my Bus also about 12months ago seems to be working OK.

    Rebuilt my engine a number of years ago with AMC heads no idea what brand barrells and pistons.

    Hydraulic lifters fit between the Camshaft and push rods that activate the rockers that open the valves.
    The idea is they are self adjusting. With standard lifters one must adjust the valve clearences regularly.

    Typically the Kombi has a basic Bosch distributor, points ignition coil.

    I would still be running th stock setup but only changed after a bit of a disagreement with a mechanic oneday as to who had set/fiddled with my timing. So to cool the air I agreed to have the pertronix system fitted ;)
  9. vassy69SC

    vassy69SC Active Member

    Roger is a decent guy and will give you a good stock engine.
    A good stock engine is fantastic because most kombis around have really tired stock engines.
    It won't wheel stand (you need at least twice the budget for that) but it will drive nicely and make you smile.
  10. Dubman

    Dubman Well-Known Member

    Amen to that I love the way my Stock re-built motor drives especially when you pull up alongside another Kombi on the motorway give them a wave and hit the peddle, they assume you have a beasty engine, but its just brand new second hand as I like to call it :p


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