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Show us your campsite

Discussion in 'Camping Australia' started by Aspro, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. tintop

    tintop Well-Known Member

    so...comfy 'camping' for a few days IMG_20190714_214233_192.jpg IMG_20190714_213011_474.jpg IMG_20190714_214627_999.JPG
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  2. Wattie

    Wattie Well-Known Member

    Mildura. Victoria. Australia.
    Got back yesterday from the Great Trek #2, with Brian And Cathy The lack of of input here was due to my poor selection of phone service provider, mostly none, and my inability to make use of a phone that is a lot smarter than I.
    The epic started in a cabin at Morgan SA and finished in a cabin at Broken Hill 5 weeks later. :)
    The weather aimed a bit of everything at us, going north from Port Augusta to Three Ways it was bitterly cold. A pleasant leg from Mt Isa to Charters Towers was interrupted by an opposing Mega truck almost blowing off the drivers side weather shield and causing the T3 electric mirror swing around with a bang, gave me a big fright.
    Started drizzling from Charters to Townsville where the dumb V8 supercars and fans had booked all accommodation so we continued north eventually to Ingham.
    The drive down through central Queensland and NSW was great with some terrific scenery, next time the West Coast.
    The T3 (Paladin) ran like a "Swiss Clock" the only issue a minor oil cooler leak, a tweak with a spanner sorted that, the only downside, several widescreen chips plus 2 running cracks.
    Sorry no pics worth posting my shaky hands couldn't hold the phone steady enough.:(
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  3. Barry

    Barry Well-Known Member

    Abbotsford NSW
    and back to Upper Colo again for the weekend

    Such a quick getaway - nice clear night
    Tiggers played at 5:30 and GWS at 7:30
    Got the fire going and the red wine came out
    Stan getting into the camping as well.
    Happily sat round the fire listening to the footy into the night

    We got some side panels for the Balckwolf tent and some new camp bed as well.
    Wanted to test it all out
    Works well - really getting our set up sorted

    2 other campers there.
    So nice and quiet

    They get a heap of birdlife as well
    The mornings are brilliant
    Get the coffee going and sit in the chair near the fire with the binoculars and watch the bird life

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