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Smugglers Cove - Forster

Discussion in 'NSW' started by crewcabconnection, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. Just a quick note. Had a week here over Xmas. Its billed on Getaway etc as a kid heaven with lots to do ... but it is not quite that.

    The new water park pool is not open, there is very limited evening or day activities for kids organised. Plaster cast painting at $9 a throw! and one afternoon magic show for an hour. Not quite a 'kids club'.

    The pool they have is small and was very over crowded, bikes are banned after 7pm and there is one tractor ride at 4pm. Golf and Canoes are paid for buy th hour and the kids games room is $1 a chuck for 20 year old video games.

    They do however still charge almost $500 for the week for a campsite. Not value for money IMO if you are planning on having your kids entertained and do some parent relaxing. Apart from riding around on bikes, theres not much for them to do.

    Give them a call before booking to see what they ACTUALLY have going on. When its finished (restored) it would be a great park, but most campers I spoke to with kids were pretty disappointed with the value for money.
  2. Just4funinthesun

    Just4funinthesun New Member

    Now this is why I read this section of the website! We were thinking of going to Forster soon because it's not far from where we live plus we've never been there before. I'm a Big 4 member and Smugglers Cove is in their guide book... now I know to rule that one out as a possible place to stay. Thanks guys.

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