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Spitting & Back Fireing

Discussion in 'Bay Tech Clinic' started by Whitie, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. Whitie

    Whitie Well-Known Member

    Hi Fello Kombi Enthusiasts,
    Id very much appreciate any thoughts on a issue.
    Only having our 78 Bay with a 1600cc for 3 weeks & although running well, I thought it be a good idea to put her in for a general service & tuneup.
    After 1 week in the mechanic she's returned running like a dog, hardly drivable spitting, coffing & backfiring to the point I won't drive her in fear of damage :(.
    The mechanic is a VW specialist but seams lost to what the issue is & has asked me to return it next week to check compression & more tweeking.
    Im no means a mechanic & choose to leave whats under the bonnet to some how knows his stuff, but to me its like the timing is out, he said one plug is gluging up, runing rich?
    Engine rebuilt 2-3 years ago so expect rings to be good.
    I won't bad mouth the mechanic, we all have bad days & beleive in giving everyone chance to redeem themselves, but quite concerned, especialy when she was running fine before.
    Id be very grateful to any input.
    Cheers Tony
  2. 1500king

    1500king Well-Known Member

    Adelaide, SA
    Air cooled motors are pretty easy to sort out.... If your mechanic was a "specialist", then I feel sorry for every other customer too.
  3. splitbus

    splitbus Well-Known Member

    Sound like tappet clearance or wrong timing
  4. Barry

    Barry Well-Known Member

    Abbotsford NSW
    could be a heap of things - loose distributor, points closed up, cap not clamped down properly,

    I have put brand new points in a distributor only to have them loose their "spring" within 24hrs and was popping and farting all over the place.

    I have also had the carbon brush thing in the centre of the rotor cap get torn straight out of a new set up on first fire up.

    but as said above - definitely sounds timing related given the limited information supplied

    It is definitely unusual for it to have been running ok to come back that bad.

    I would try and get a mate to check it out before you go driving it for an hour in peak hour back to the mechanic.

    If he is just round the corner then no worries
  5. Whitie

    Whitie Well-Known Member


    There does seem to be some carbon build up on the points in the dizzy cap, but thought he may have already looked at that.

    I could try cleaning with a file.


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