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Split Identification

Discussion in 'Splitty Tech Clinic' started by Split 1, Sep 22, 2005.

  1. DMOD

    DMOD New Member

    Okay wow great .. thank you so much.

    Yes the avatar is my Splitty ..
    How else can I find the history of this vehicle.
    As in is it Australian delivered?
    How many models were made.
    And most importantly so I can source the correct panels / hardware for the originality.
  2. Wayne murray

    Wayne murray Well-Known Member

    Seven hills
    They can be either CKD Complete knock down, Panels made in Germany and assembled here.
    or In the 60's beetles and transporters where completely made here in Clayton Victoria.
    More then likely the later of the two.
    You have windows in your picture in the avatar ?
    Types of models!
    21 Panel van
    22 Microbus
    23 kombi
    24 Deluxe
    26 Pick ups (single or double cab)
    27 Ambulance
    Did you get the chassis number of the chassis or the compliance plate?
  3. 77/kombi/surfer

    77/kombi/surfer Well-Known Member

    Budgewoi N.S.W. AUSTRALIA
    And most importantly so I can source the correct panels / hardware for the originality.[/QUOTE]

    The tooling in germany changed over in i think August in Germany so say a September build would be next years model even though it was made a year earlier.
    62/3 are the cross over years were there are a few changes in panels and such. So you have to clarify if its a true 63 or not
    You can tell if its a early or late 63 by the rear window glass size being smaller (earlier)or stock kombi sized glass (later).
    Also under the front door the dogleg panels change from a fatter one in 62 to a thinner style in 63 the later .
    The rear wheel arches go from flat early to a higher rolled lip shape later 63.
    Also on the back of your speedo and fuel gauges will have a month/year stamp.
    So unless you are aiming for 100% original restoration which will cost a fortune finding original parts an o.g. panels to weld in you find it hard to get it back to original until you clarify your model and how big a budget you,ve got to spend cause they are not cheap.
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  4. splitbus

    splitbus Well-Known Member

    As you say it’s a 67.
    Micro bus delivered in primer, if I’m reading it properly

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