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Spot weld dimples

Discussion in 'Steering, brakes & Suspension' started by Searl'e, Oct 20, 2019.

  1. Searl'e

    Searl'e Member

    Mildura Vic
    Hi Fellow Kombi enthusiasts
    1/2 Way thru putting Just Kampers Beam Adjusters on my 74 Bay Camper. Marked & cut tubes successfully, proceeded to drill out spot weld dimples with 8mm spot weld bit (couldn't find a 10mm). Cut off 10mm HSS Drill bit but didn't seem to make impression enough on weld. Put in 75mm long bolt in centre block @ gave it a light tap. Centre block moved about 1 or 2 mm either side of centre but not enough to free centre block before tack welding adjusters. Any suggestions? Cheerz John

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