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Spotted at Oatlands, Tasmania.

Discussion in 'Kombi Spotting' started by Shifter, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. Shifter

    Shifter New Member

    Hobart, Tasmania
    She looks a little forlorn! She has been there for at least a couple of weeks.

  2. puttputtputt

    puttputtputt New Member

    Launceston, Tas
    3750..aside from the mismatched door she looks straighter than mine :p
  3. Vanders

    Vanders Active Member

    Launceston, Tasmania
    I thought phone numbers had 8 digits. I can understand why it might still be sitting there.
  4. vwcamper76

    vwcamper76 New Member

    Risdon Vale, Hobart, TAS
    There is allways cars there.

    A pice of poo probably but i could be wrong?

    Wheelers and dealers i know off there.

    PROB WRONG ???
  5. generation fade

    generation fade New Member

    scarborough, QLD
    hahaha, that was a good spot vanders. i would have never seen that
  6. pinkscrapbooker

    pinkscrapbooker New Member

    Hobart, Tasmania
    More info on Kombi in Oatlands

    We have been investigating it over the past few weeks and have put an offer on it. It is pretty tired in the trim department but the body has very lttle rust except for the battery boxes on both sides and few spots on the cargo section. and rear roof. The windscreen is broken and the side door needs a large amount of TLC. It needs a complete respray inside and out. The interior is abysmal and the the tyres need replacing. The engine is supposed to be a 2 litre but the engine code is CA making it a 1700 block by my research(feel free to correct me). But the good news is the engine has hardly been used after a complete rebuild, and it runs well. It is definitely worth saving if it is rescued soon, and it is too good to wreck, but the price is a bit over optimistic, and my first offer after a cursory inspection and discussion over the phone was dismissed as a joke. It also is out of rego. No way would it pass a roadworthy without a least $2000 to bring it up to scratch and then you have to fit it out and paint it. Damn, we must be mad.

    We have put an offer on it again today after a thorough inspection and hope to hear back in the next few days.

    If we don't get it we will be back looking.

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